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Friday, 1 February 2013



I arrived Ayuthaya 2 hours late than its scheduled arrival. I claimed DREAM, and started to ride to the historical sites. I didnt intend to explore much. I just wanted to visit the famous Wat Maha That. The site was bigger than I thought and it was very tricky to find my way around as there were not many sign boards. A lady on a motorbike helped me to find it. However, I hv no idea that I hv entered the wat via its back entrance. No wonder there was no ticket counter which can be seen. After exploring the ground, I managed to find the famous ‘head’. 

When I was done sightseeing, I was stopped by a security guard, asking for my ticket. I hv no ticket to show to him, so he asked me B50. I asked him whether he can gv me a ticket, he said no. How if another guard stop me later, asking for ticket? He didnt urged me to buy ticket or to show me the ticket counter, but insisted me to pay directly to him. Weird. So I told him that I shall leave the site. He was pissed off. LOL... After that, I continued riding via route 3262 – 340 – 346 –321 – 4, towards Nakhon Pathom. I didnt head for Bangkok as I am not familiar with the road and I can easily get lost in the metropolitan city.

I arrived Nakhon Pathom train station about 1.30hrs before the scheduled train. However, I was told that the upcoming train, and the later trains didnt hv space for my bike. The customs officer asked me to wait, who knows if luck is on my side for the next train. Ok, no problem. I waited for the next train and another, but still, I cant take DREAM on it. As being told earlier, there is no guarantee that I can take DREAM with me on the train today or tomorrow. It was a waste of time, waiting there for nothing. In the end, I made up my mind to move on.

It was after Prap Khiri Khan when DREAM makes more noise, this time louder than before. OMG!!! Whats wrong with him? I stopped by the road side and take a look at the rear tyre. The sound was coming from the chain. I hv no choice but to ride slowly until I found a workshop. The guy tried to explain something about the chain but the lack of English makes it impossible for me to understand him. He tightened the chain and adjusted the sprocket. The noise lessened a bit and  I continued riding slowly. In my mind, I kept asking Allah to help me. I targeted Surat Thani for tonight. I finally reached Surat (highway only) at 9pm, feeling super exhausted bcos of the slow ride.

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