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Saturday, 1 September 2012


Alhamdulillah....after a serial of going ups and downs of the workshop and the insurance company, also making some noises, finally DREAM was discharged last week. I was actually coming from Melaka, back to Ipoh on last Saturday, and was a bit tense if I couldnt reach the workshop before it closes. However, I made it on time. So, after signing some papers, I rode him back home. God knows how good it felt, riding him again, after 2 months being apart. The next few days, I sent him to another workshop for some modifications. Well, I have to spend few thousands RM to prepare him again for my next overland trip and to make him more macho. Below are pics of DREAM's make over....
Bigger new rubber for the rear

New handle guard with 'raya' lights :)
DREAM pun nak lampu raye gak...

New higher wind shield

New bigger rear rim

Disc brake for the rear, replacing the ori drum brake

Bigger rim & rubber for the front

The new odometer read 128km

New GPS holder with waterproof cover and new GPS

I maintained the handle bought in Thailand as it is more comfy for long distance ride
                 Map pouch bag attached to the handle bar

Some pics of DREAM in front of my work place and during Merdeka celebration...


  1. akak dah siap molek..~
    tapi moto akak,adik kepada moto saya..sebab plat saya AHH...hihihi~

  2. ok la tu,boleh gi negara arab pula

  3. shinzi izac....tak kisah plat apa pun....dlm dunia permotoran ni, kita semua brotherhood & sisterhood....nak jadi Robin Hood pun boleh :)

    zaireey@kuchai....ko rasa2 boleh bertahan ke DREAM aku ni nak sampai negara Arab? Jauh tuuu....

  4. Pi ke Arab insyallah boleh kot,... "Di mana ada kenahuan, di situ ada jalan" kan?

    Only just got into your blog reading from the start... interesting...

    Just 1 suggestion utk Akak consider, bila mana ada incident, ceciter laaaa..asyik takmo citer kat sini je . tensen taaawwwww lol!

    it'll be good for others to take precaution and learn to overcome the problem

  5. Thanks for reading my blog M.Bajunid...incident yg tu tak boleh cerita in detail sebab too personal lah...actually kena marah dgn sifu sampai nangis...HAHAHA...


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