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Sunday, 23 September 2012


After having breakfast in my room in the morning of 17th Sept, I headed to the fishermen village. There is nothing much to see, except a fresh market here. So, I rode back to Hat Samila for DREAM’s photo session at the landmarks. There were very few people today (unlike yesterday), so its a perfect time for me to do some photography.

DREAM with Tom n Jerry

DREAM with the mermaid
Then I went to the starting point of the free tram tour and took the 40 minutes tour around the city. The tour is very informative and I glad that I took it, as I wouldnt hv know much about the significance of sculptures, monuments, temples and such, should I not take this tour. Through information from the guide, I knew that the area of my hotel is famous for halal beef soup. So, I decided to have my lunch there. It was quite pricey, but the taste is well worth the price.

The tram

Provincial Court

The longest dragon in the world....this is the tail
Some kms away is the middle part
And another kms away is the head...

Old City Gate
Beef soup...a bit sour but tasty
After checking out, I dropped by at Tang Kuan Hill to view the city from the top. I had to take a cable car ride to reach its peak. The view was beautiful and the wind is pretty strong. There was a Royal Pagoda and lots of monkeys conquering the area. 

After 30mins on the hill, I made my way down south to the border. There were lots of vehicles on the road, so I have to slow down.

It took me 2 hours to reach the border, and only 15 minutes to clear the papers and have my passport stamped. The highway was very busy all the way from the border until Bukit Gantang. There was an accident which caused a long jammed. I finally arrived home without any problem. I was tired, but happy and satisfied that my first solo attempt was successful....Alhamdulillah...

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