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Wednesday, 5 December 2012



When the day arrived, I flew to Kota Kinabalu via Airasia. My university friend, Shikin fetched me at the airport and took me to Tune Hotel where I am going to stay for 2 nights.

Early morning, I received a phone call from MasKargo Kota Kinabalu informing me that I can get my bike from their office. So I took a bus to Terminal Wawasan, and then changed to another bus heading to Putatan, asking the bus driver to drop me at the airport.
Mini buses at Terminal Wawasan

It was quite a walk to get to the MasKargo building and I was lucky that a guy whom I stopped to ask for direction actually worked there and he gave me a lift. I was surprised to see how bad the road conditionwas from the airport to the MasKargo building. It was about 1km offroad with lots of pot holes here and there. 

When I reached the building, again I hv to face lots of procedures to get my bike. I cant help thinking – this is only a domestic shipping and the procedures were this complicated. How if I shipped my bike to an international destination? LOL...worry about that when the time comes. As at MasKargo KL, the same thing happened here too, where everyone from the guard to the officers to the counter ppl, all of them interviewed me and asked all sorts of questions – Why am I shipping my bike here? Do I work in KK @ Sabah, and when I said “No”, they thought I’m shipping the bike for someone else, and I said “No, I am actually touring Borneo”, and they asked how many in the group, I said “just me”....They were very surprised and thought I was joking. Hey, do I look like I’m joking? Do u see anyone else with me? No, isnt it. Its just me. I am going to ride in Borneo for 18 days, and I am going to do it solo :)

Once everything was settled and again, customs payment to be made, I rode DREAM out of the building. It was a nice feeling to ride him on a new road unfamiliar to me. First, I went to Tg Aru beach which I hv admired for a long time before. The beach was deserted since it was a week day. I spend some time there to enjoy the beautiful beach and the breeze. 

Then I continued riding to Signal Hill Observatory to view the city from the view point tower. It was beautiful. I circled the hill and checked out the KK Wetland Center. Upon reaching the foot of the hill, I visited Atkinson Clock Tower, which was said as the oldest standing structure in KK. 

View from Observatory Hill Tower

Feeling hungry, I headed to the famous Gaya Street and fed my hungry stomach with yummy bakso. Then I took some time to check on backpackers hostels on this street and found a nice one just next door to Azliena Sulawesi Restaurant, the meeting place for me and KK scooter bikers tonite. It was raining, so I waited for a while and when the rain lessened, I hurriedly go to the Craft Center, also known as the Filipino Market, and checked out stuffs sold there. I bought some crystal + pearl bracelets for myself, my mom and some extras as souvenirs. I also bought some magnets and brooches. I let out a heavy sigh as I cant shop much when travelling on a motorbike. 

China Town KK

Next, I went to the wet market by the sea and just stroll around slowly as I hv nothing to do. It was interesting to see things sold at the market, and visiting wet markets were among my favourite things to do whenever I travel. Then I proceeded to Anjung Senja, a nice place to chill out while watching the sunset. However, it was a cloudy evening as the rain had just stopped, so the sunset was not very spectacular. 

Later, I checked out Waterfront Esplanade. Nothing much there, and since it was already time for the meeting, I headed to the restaurant and the guys from KPSES Elegant were already there waiting for me. I was given a nice welcome by the President of the club, bro Azmi and his friends. Everyone was eager to ask me questions about my ride – the 5w’s questions – What, Why, Where, When, and How, and not forgetting, the cepu emas question – Husband tak kisah ke? LOL...Next, one of the bikers, Sarjan Berahim entertained all of us with a splendid seafood dinner at a food court not far from the Central Market. The buttered prawn served there was to die for. Soooo delicious. Thank you Sarjan, may Allah pay yr generousity with His blessings.   

With bro Azmi (left) and members of KPSES Elegan, KK


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')