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Sunday, 3 March 2013



I was sooo sleepy that I almost missed Ayuthaya station when the train arrived. I was sooo groggy that I had to ask a western girl on the train to help me carry my stuff down. As in Nong Khai, here also I didnt hv to pay for the service to lift DREAM up / down the train (unlike in Hatyai). Surprisingly, the train was delayed for less than an hour only, so since it was still dark (about 5am), I waited at the station for a while. I made my move around 5.45am and the first thing was to find a petrol station. I checked my GPS and headed to one, only to see that it was still closed. Getting worried since I know that DREAM wont last very long now, I rode slowly hoping to find a petrol station open at such an early hour. Fortunately I found one. What a relief. DREAM had succeeded a distance of 430kms before I refuel him. He’s such a darling. 

I rode on route 3262 – 340 – 346 – 321 – 4 – 41 all the way to Surat Thani. Nothing much to report about today’s ride. The road condition was good for Thai standard. Beginning from Parachuap, I saw few groups of Malaysian bikes convoying to Pattaya to attend Burapa Bike Week. I encountered at least seven road blocks today. I first targetted Thung Song as my destination, but since it was already 5pm and I am tired (due to the long ride and the lack of sleep on the train), I made up my mind to stop at Surat Thani instead. 

I met a Malaysian biker before entering Surat Thani. He was riding alone. We stopped for a drink by the road side. He told me that he was coming from Laos (Pakxe) and Cambodia. He was surprised when I told him that I was coming from Laos too, and that I am all alone. We exchanged phone numbers. I rode on to Surat Thani centre but my GPS directed me via kampong road so I have to go round and round until I was stucked at a bridge under construction. I asked a local, and he pointed me the way to a subsitute bridge (only for motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians). I crossed the bridge and made my way to the town, trying to find a GH. During my previous stay at Surat, I stayed at a GH along the highway and I didnt enter the town. The GH listed in my GPS was no longer operating, so I asked a local to help me find a cheap accomodation. I found one, Surat GH for B300 with wifi. That night, I went to a muslim restaurant which I hv spotted earlier to hv dinner, unfortunately the owner said that they are closing, and told me that I can find some Muslim stalls near the river. I found it and had a nice pad thai for dinner. 

The food court near the river / market

I went for a short sightseeing along the river to enjoy the colourful lights before heading back to the GH.


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')