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Thursday, 26 September 2013


23rd May 2013

The flight took off on time, at 10.35pm. It was a 7.30 hrs flight. It was hard to sleep due to the adrenaline and bcos I have lots of things in my mind, but finally I managed to get some chicken sleep.
MOB on Uzbek Airlines....quite generous in portion and tasty
I arrived Tashkent International Airport at 3.30am. I was very excited. Whoaaa....welcome to Uzbekistan, Anita. The airport is not big. It’s only about half the size of our LCCT. While cueing for my passport to be stamped, I observed the immigration officers. True as what I’ve read in the internet, they are not so friendly, no smile, but just stern tight faces. Once done with immigration, I go to the baggage reclaim to get my stuff. Some Malaysians recognized me from the MHI program which I appeared in, few days ago.  I received sms from my couch surfing friend in Tashkent, saying that she has an emergency, therefore she can’t host me for the night. Hmmm...I have to find a guest house then. However, to my surprise, the moment I entered the Arrival Hall, I was greeted by a man, asking if I am Anita? I said yes, and he introduced himself as the Malaysian Embassy in Tashkent’s official driver. He was there to pick up the consulate daughter’s family who seems to be flying in the same flight as me. Since my first task in Tashkent is to report to the Malaysian Embassy there, the driver offered to bring me together with the other family.

Tashkent International Airport

Malaysian Embassy in Tashkent is situated in the city centre, about 5kms from the airport. Since it was still early and the staffs have not arrived yet, I took some time to sleep at the guest room. I woke up around 9.30am when Mr Ridzuan, the staff approached me. I was then introduced to the ambassador, Mr Aziz and the rest of the staffs. They were so thrilled to hear about my plan for this ride.

Anywhere I go...I will carry the name of IPG Kampus proud to be one :)

Fr left: Mr Ridzuan, MrAmbassador, Tn Hj Aziz Harun, me, Madam Haryati & Miss Giulia 
 After some discussions with Mr Ambassador about my route (I must report to them of my where about at every possible time so that they can keep track of my journey), Mr Ridzuan took me to Tajikistan Embassy in Tashkent to get my visa sticker. I have asked the Malaysian Embassy staff to help me with the visa application as I don’t want to waste time to wait for the processing which normally will take several days. I was so lucky that since Malaysian Embassy applied the visa on my behalf, I was given the visa free of charge.

The visa should cost me USD50, but I got it FOC...alhamdulillah...

We got back to the embassy and my agent in Tashkent arrived to pick me up. We both go to the cargo department at the airport. The local regulation said that I have to hire a local agent to bring out my motorbike and the fees was costly – USD550, which I am sure I can save the money by doing it myself. However in the end, I was glad that the agent does it for me due to the communication problem. It was hard to find people who can speak English at this region as the major language is Russian. Once I got DREAM (my motorbike) out, I rode back to the Embassy to get my stuff.
With Pawel, the agent

Back to the embassy
I was thinking of staying at a guest house, but one of the staff, Madam Haryati invited me to stay the night at her place. She was so nice. I agreed straight away and we went to her place. Her house was so big and beautiful with a yard inside which one can play mini futsal any time. She showed me around and that night we had a nice chat about my previous and upcoming solo ride.

It reads KAFE BUXORO @ BUKHORO, am I rite Ridzuan @ Yati? :)

Roses at Yati's corridor

There is even a pool table at Yati's dining....coolll...
Thanks Yati for a splendid dinner...


  1. adaaaa......utk pembaca setia mcm ko :)

  2. It reads KAFE BUXORO @ BUKHORO, am I rite Ridzuan @ Yati? :)

    It is 100% correct.. ;-)

  3. Thanks Wan....alhamdulillah I can still rmbr & read the cyrillic alphabet :)



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