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Thursday, 29 October 2015


Hv u ever dream of something big…something which u think its hard to achieve, but yet in yr heart theres that tiny voice telling u that even it may seem impossible, but u can do it if u work really hard and determine enough? Well, I hv. I dream of riding my motorbike around the world. SOLO. Not with a friend or a bunch of escorts. Not with a car, a 4WD or by public transportation. But on a motorbike. It wasn’t easy to make it happen, but I strived and I go all out to make my dreams come true. I started doing my research one year before I start the ride. I contacted many ppl and I tried to get as many help as possible. Some worked out but many not. However, among those who believe in me and my dream is GIVI. I got sponsorship from them (and their sister brand, HEVIK) which include riding gear and riding accessories. I was given 3 pair of gloves, a Givi Tourer Helmet, 2 pairs of 4 seasons riding jacket and pants, a pair of riding jeans, a pair of technical inner top & pants, a balaclava, buff, rain coat, rain gloves, 4L waterproof pouch, a waterproof 80L bag, waterproof backpack and a tank lock bag for myself; and top box, panniers, GPS holder, windshield, secure lock and bike cover for my motorbike. Givi has also being generous by giving me some cash money for this ride. Prepared with this items, I am now more confident to venture the world because I know that the stuff given to me are from good quality products. 

Me and Mr Joseph Perruca during our first meeting regarding sponsorship

Besides Givi, Hong Leong Yamaha Motor also sponsored me a brand new Yamaha FZ150i motorbike and spare parts for this ride. I chose this bike because I had rode the same model during my Central Asia 'Stans' solo ride and I had confidence that it will stand the challenges. Besides, this bike is truly a fuel save motorbike which is very important for a long journey such as GDR. My many thanks to HLYM for all the trust in me.

Other sponsorship came from Koyoko who donated an amount of RM10k and motorbike batteries, Duro (Jojo and Wak) sponsoring me with my official Tshirt, buff, hand socks and inner. Thanks a lot.

I also received cash donations from supporting friends (overlanders and non overlanders) such as Pak Amzah Sulaiman, Dato Raja Firdaus and wife Datin Yan, Dato Zamri 1MWER, Md Khairuman Abu, Dr Ahmadol, Dr Ng and Kak Chik from IPGKI, Jahanifah Mat Zain, Yayasan Perak, Yongsuzi, Sue Rahman & hb, Azhari Karim, Tn Hj Azlan, Along Aimpro Samudera, Rosmawati, AngelLynn, Harris Andria, Mohd Shamree Hassan, Asmazi Omar, Sharida, Rosli Sulaiman, Fairuz Rahman, Joe & Evonne, and also donators (as of 30th Oct 2016) at, which was created by a stranger but now becoming a very important person for my ride, Deborah Chang (TQVM my dear sis for all the help) - Hoo Man Wong, Evonne Kang, Joy Nakamura, Puteri Juliana, Suriana Sulaiman, Mohamed Abdul Samad, Irwin Sim, Ilyah Abdul Aziz, Kang Predi, Ahmad Ghazali and Mark Baker....
Lady Bikers Malaysia members, thru the President, sis Mira Yaacob also gv me some donations.
I want you to know that yr contributions really mean a lot and I truly appreciate all the help. Thank you very much.

Some friends also helped me with items which I need for this ride, such as YemPaul Antonio & Sue sponsoring me a Quecha waterproof tent, Eijarm Al-Fayed sponsoring me with powerbank and air compressor, Rashimy gave me an intercom headset, Nadiah Wafa gv me 2 pcs of custom made headwear and Abikhalid supplied me with a dozen of DAMIA canned food which were really delicious. The list continued with my darling Zuzana Abdullah who helped in so many ways that will be too long for me to write one by one, but she's also another very important person for this ride, my sister Ayuni Yeop helped me finding my 'companion' (a toy tiger and cheetah) as I was too bz before the ride and she also helped purchasing Malaysia flags for me and troubled herself sending me ointment for my nerve pain all the way from Malaysia to San Diego. Last minute items such as a small hammer and plyer were given to me by Elissa Airin, and Rosezy Dyn gv me a good massage and spa at her Brightness Beauty & Spa Salon, Jelapang, Ipoh, before the ride. 

Kapcai Magazine was my official magazine for this ride and with PEKETUM, they helped selling "support Tshirt" for me and part of the money go to my fund. Thanks guys, Uzaini and the team for all the help. If u wish to buy the Tshirt and support me, u can copy paste the link below and contact the admin:

The Vocket is my official online media. Thanks to Ida Latiff and the team, for the interest to publish my story. 

Hv I miss anyone? If I do, plz forgive me, but do bear in mind that I really appreciate all help and support that had been given to me.

As for other preparations, I will detailed it in my book, but of course a route, at least u must hv some idea where do u want to go., and below is my planned route for GDR.

To be completed in 1 year
I also purchased a new Garmin Zumo and paper maps. A friend, Khalid PCB introduced me to Ustaz Radzi Hassan who helped installing OSM maps for all the countries in my route for a very minimal fee.

I also purchased some outdoor stuff and necessary items such as external hard disc, rechargeable batteries, tapes and many more. I also had to renew my International Driving Permit, get vaccinations, purchased travel insurance for myself and for the bike, had my Carnet done, and the list goes on and on and on...

Visa is another very important aspect. I applied for US and Canada visas prior to my ride and the rest I shall apply when I'm on the road. My Canadian visa was rejected on the first attempt and I had to seek assistance from Wisma Putra. Thanks Encik Hafiz and the consular division for helping me and I managed to get both visas.

Bike prep was done by my mechanic, Faiesal. I wished to thank him too for sacrificing his time and family and worked day and night till the very last minute before my departure to settle what need to be done.
As for advises, I received lots from many friends who were generous to share their experiences during their rides @ travel while traversing the globe. Faizal Sukree, Madie Saad, Hadi Hussein, Dato Zamri, Pak Amzah, bro Alex Wong Ying Thoe, Hannah Hadhinah, Moji Nazri Arshad, Tiffany Coates the legend, Andrea Sarvetnick, Rashmi Tambe and some icons featured in Global Women Who Rides, to name a few...

Last but never ever least, I wished to thank Dato Rocky Bru, Zuhdi and Harris Andria for all the effort, time and money spent to help me getting patron and sponsorship. Even though nothing materialized, but I accepted this as my fate. I strongly believed that Allah has other ways to help me, and He has His reasons why he didnt let our effort through. Thanks once again to all of u.

Finally, on 11th Sept 2015, with Ayuni, Rosezy and Norehan Desa as my companions, I left my home sweet home to KL. 

On 12th Sept, SBM organized 'The Biggest Bike Gathering' event at Putrajaya. In the morning, lead by Haryati Sorgeon Lopez and the team, they escorted me to Putrajaya. Thanks to all. During the event, there was also a special appreciation ceremony for overlanders and adv riders. I was one of the inductees and certificate was presented by the Deputy Prime Minister. It was such an honour to be here and received the certificate from Tan Sri Zahid Hamidi. Later I was flagged off by SBM's vice president and this marked the beginning of GDR. 

After the flag off, I send my bike to MasKargo, Mohidin my agent had been waiting and he helped me with all the air freight stuff. Thanks Mohidin.

The day then arrived. On 13th Sept 2015, I left my sons hse in Cheras...Ohhh how I cried my heart out upon having to leave my darling Chichi whom I loved so much. We arrived KLIA on time and a a simple send off ceremony by close friends at KLIA was held for me. Zana, her hb, Jai and Shawal representing Lanun Bikerz, also the one reciting dua for my safe and smooth journey; Ayuni, Rosezy, Anne, Rosmawati, Zuhdi and wife, Abu Zahrim and wife, Mazlan and friends, and of course my kids, Rudy and Icha were there to see me go. Sue Rahman arrived at the very last minute when I had already cleared the immigration, but I still managed to meet and hugged her. 

No kompang, no bunga manggar, no reporters whatsoever as I made my way to the gate since I had no big name behind my ride. Its okey. By now, I already accept the fact that everything happens for a reason and that my past achievement in adv riding meant nothing when theres no ministry being my patron. This is Malaysia and I had to live and swallow this tradition and mindset....

I worked really hard to make this happen. I saved really hard to self fund myself for this ride. I sold my books, I send letters asking for donations and sponsors, I gv motivational talks at schools, colleges and private organizations, and the payment I got, I saved them for this ride...and god knows what I had done...

All for the sake of livin my dream....


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')