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Friday, 6 April 2018


Hellooooo everyone....
Its been a looong looong time that I had not updated my blog. Its more than a year and my blog had gone rusty. I'm truly sorry. I had been extremely busy from the day I’m back to Malaysia after I’m done with my world ride, and believe it or not, I am still busy to this day!!! Life has changed a lot since then, but no worries, I am still the same Anita :)

So what had I been doing after I’m back? Well, lets do a little throwback. I had attended lots n lots of media interviews (I lost count the number already); giving motivational talks at schools, colleges, universities and events; and I also made several appearances at bike events either organized by local organizers or the brand I’m representing, Givi. I was also invited to be a personality for quite a number of TV programs such as Jurnal Bes, Santai Rider, Positif, Kalori and Yang Pertama, to name a few. To watch them, you can type my name on youtube and the list will be displayed.

As I had mentioned before, Givi had always supported my ride since my very first overland journey in 2012. Givi was also the title sponsor for Global Dream Ride. Hence, with my success in completing the ride, Givi offered me to be their world brand ambassador, which I gladly accepted. The contract was signed on 29th Oct 2016 at MotoGP event, witnessed by Givi Vice President, Miss Hendrika Visenzi, Givi Overseas Operational Manager, Mr Joseph Perucca, Givi Msia Manager, Mr On Hai Swee, and LCR Honda team manager, Mr Lucio Cecchinello. It was a very memorable event for me. It never crossed my mind that I am going to represent an international brand. It felt like I'm in a dream, but its not. By now, I had been Givi ambassador for nearly two years. Thank you Givi.

From left: Givi girl, Mr On, Miss Hendrika, myself, Mr Joseph, Mr Lucio, Givi girl

I would like to share some beautiful moments and recognitions which I got from organizations and important ppl in and outside Msia after I’m back from GDR. Among them were the invitation by the King and Queen of Johor, DYMM Sultan Ibrahim and DYMM Raja Zarith Sofiah. The meet up was held at the royalties official residence, Bukit Serene Palace. I was not aware that the very friendly Queen followed my GDR journey, until she posted on her FB congratulating me for my feat. During the meet up, I managed to have a private chat with the queen for more than an hour, before Prince Tunku Idris joined us, and later, the king himself.  I was truly blessed and honoured to get this opportunity which I reckoned as a once in a lifetime chance. Thank you Your Majesty.

With the King and Queen of Johor Darul Takzim

My GDR was also recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records. The title was ‘First Solo Motorbike Ride Around The World’. This is my 2nd record with MBOR after the first one is 2013. The event which was sponsored by generous Dato Seri Raja Firdaus, and wife Datin Seri Lisa, was held at the elegant dine house, Flora Terrace. VIP for the day was Dato Seri Mirza Tayyab, the DG of Tourism Msia. Lots of media people, reps from Givi and Hong Leong Yamaha Motor, close friends such as Zana, Sue, Yongsuzi, Lee Panjang, rep fr Lanun Bikerz & LBM and my loyal supporters attended the event. Not forgetting my mom, sister and HE Dato Anne, the ambassadress at Msian Embassy in Tashkent, who hosted me when I reached her town during my GDR. Thank you very much to all.

The cert was presented by Miss Shikin, MBOR rep 
From left: Datin Seri Lisa, Dato Seri Raja Firdaus, Dato Seri Mirza, myself, my mom, HE Dato Anne and my sister

Besides MBOR, my ride was also recognized by Asia Book of Records. The title given was ‘Longest Bike Solo Ride Across The World (Female)’. I was the very first Malaysian who get a title in ABR :) Givi HQ at Bukit Beruntung organized the certificate presentation and a PC with the media.

Other recognitions were given by Red Garage, ‘Ridiculous Mileage 65369km’ during KL Bike Fest 2016; and NVOG, ‘Tokoh Biker Madani’ during Islamic Bike Fest 2017. Thank you :)

In April 2017, I was invited to join 'Ride For Jalil' convoy, a ride to raise fund for Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Foundation. The organizer managed to collect more than 300 superbikes from all over the country to join this ride. Whats so memorable about this ride was I'm being selected to be one of the 30 riders in the royal entourage, riding together with Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tunku Abu Bakar :)

With Tunku Abdul Rahman. He;s riding the late Tunku Jalil's bike
With Tunku Abu Bakar

In May 2017, I was invited to give a talk at Horizons Unlimited Annual Meeting which was held at Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The event was organized by Indonesian top adventure rider, Jeffrey Polnaja who rode solo around the world for 9 years, collecting 400k + kms on his belt. Horizons Unlimited was one of my main platforms to ask for information during my ride. The VIP for the event was Ted Simons (Jupiters Travel), legend of the legends, the father of adventure riders. Again, I felt honoured to be at this international event as a speaker, together with other big names such as Mike & Shannon Mills, Norman & Maggie Magowan, Nicole Espinosa and others. I was honoured (and nervous) too bcos my Givi boss, Mr Joseph Perucca flew all the way to watch my presentation despite his busy schedule. Thank you boss & HUI2017.

With my boss, Mr Joseph Perucca
Me and the legendary Ted Simon
From left, 'the man', Jeffrey Polnaja, Maggie, myself & Norman Magowan

Two very big surprises followed suit. I was chosen as one of the Negaraku icons by the Prime Minister Dept and Tokoh Alumni UPSI by the university itself. I was almost into tears, especially for the latter. Its not that easy for a university to give a recognition to someone, especially when the achievement was not academic related. The certificate was given by the minister of higher education, YB Dato's Seri Idris Jusoh. Thank you very much.

Negaraku icons, Dato Soh Chin Aun, myself, Dr Arshil (scientist), Dato Ziana Zain & Dato Rosyam Noor

In Oct 2017, I successfully published my long-awaited book, Global Dream Ride – Andai Ini Takdir Yang Kupilih (If This Is My Chosen Destiny) (Series 1). I put my heart n soul in the writing of this book. Hence many admitted that they cried reading it and they felt as if I'm sitting next to them telling them the story and challenges that I faced before and during the journey. This malay-written book was sold at RM29.90 (Peninsular Msia) and RM35 (Sabah & Srwk). Send me a message at my FB Messenger if you are interested to purchase one. While stock lasts :)

I closed the year 2017 with an amazing ride to 2nd most beautiful country on earth, New Zealand. The story? I am still struggling to find the time to write. Same goes for the sequel of my book.

In March 2018, I went for a short ride to Kashmir Valley. 

In May 2018, again I was invited to give a talk at an international event, Overland Expo West, which was held at Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. I was involved in 3 sessions, my very own GDR talk, and as panellists for two forums, sharing the stage with the legendary Elspeth Beard (first British woman who rode solo around the world), Tiffany Coates who was also my idol (the most travelled woman in motorcycling) and Caroline Stevenson (certified BMW Motorrad & ADVWomen Rally offroad instructor). It was a very proud moment for me, especially that I am the one and only presenter representing Asia continent in this expo.

In June, while everyone else was celebrating Raya, I went for a short ride to North Vietnam up to the China border. Three days of Raya were more than enough for me...HAHAHA

I am currently busying myself with another big big big scale project which I prefer not to announce as yet until the time comes. Stay tuned for the announcement :)

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