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Tuesday, 3 July 2012


As I am writing this, I am about few hours before checking out from the hotel that I stayed last night, and will be heading to the Thailand-Malaysian border, and ride back home. There are still about 400kms more to go. I have experienced so many new things for the past three weeks that I never imagine in my whole life. Traveling overland on a motorbike is definitely a lot tougher and challenging than backpacking. There are plenty plenty more to learn before I can overland by myself. A million thanks to Hadi for giving me this chance to do something rarely done by a Malay woman, and for all the knowledge that he had been giving to me all this while, for all the guidance and for everything. I am truly sorry for all the stupid mistakes that I had done, and for not being up to his expectation. Quoting Hadi, it’s a learning process. I agree, and its a tough one as well.

The last ride back to home sweet home was smooth except for some incident in the morning (again I would not discuss it here). Border crossing was easy as well. After being through so much for the past 3 weeks, god knows how glad I was to be back to motherland. Nothing is better than being in my own beloved country – Malaysia. After lunch and fueling up at Changlun, Hadi and I rode separately according to our own pace as we have set to meet at Simpang Pulai R n R. I was ahead of him. I can’t wait to be back home as I missed my family so much. However, at one time, I was forced to take the Penang Bridge exit since I was riding on the motorbike lane. Its too late and dangerous for me to change to middle lane as lots of fast speeding cars taking the exit. I had to turn back and lost 20minutes due to this. The highway was jammed packed with vehicles until Bukit Merah. After that, I rode full throttle almost all the way as I thought that Hadi must have been waiting for me. It took me 3 hours to ride from Changlun to Simpang Pulai (plus the turning back at Penang Bridge). However, I arrived Simpang Pulai first and after a long talk with my sifu, we bided good bye and I rode back to my mom’s house. How I have hugged my mom!!! There were countless of times I thought that  my family will only receive my body in a plastic bag. After what I have gone through, it was unbelievable that not only I made it this far, but I came back alive, safe and sound. Don't forget that my riding experience was only 43 days when I first started the ride 22 days ago.

Some stats for this ride:
Most challenging ride: In and out of Bangkok (Samut Prakan)
Most enjoyful ride: The moment we entered Laos
Most relaxing ride: Riding alone from Hua Hin to Kanchanaburi
Most stressful ride: Riding on the winding Laos mountain road when night falls, its raining, misty and I am tired, shivering due to chill & also very hungry
Total bike drop: 6 (1 serious drop, 5 stupid drops due to critical fatigue)
Most spectacular view: Laos mountains
Most expensive place that we stayed: Danok and Hatyai (Thailand)
Cheapest place that we stayed: Chiang Khong (Thailand)
Most yummy food: Tomyam kung in Maesot and seafood fried noodle in Chiang Khong
Best road: Huay Xai – intersection to Boten (Laos)
Worst road: Laos mountains, and Kampong Cham – Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
Most tolerable driver: Laotian (they reserved a wide space and honked when overtaking)
Craziest driver: Cambodians

If you asked me how I feel?
Do I feel great after completing this ride? NO.
Do I feel good about myself? NO.
So what exactly are my feelings now?
I felt small, yet grateful and happy. After three weeks of riding, my knowledge about over landing is comparable to a drop of indigo in an ocean.  I felt grateful that Allah had permitted me to do this ride safely, and to let me witness how great His creations were….It is a blessing from Him that I am able to do and complete this ride, and I am happy that finally, I united with the people who loved and cared for me. Alhamdulillah….

Thank you very much for reading my blog. Do drop me a few lines and if you have questions in mind, I will be more than happy to answer. So, until next ride friends, babye…


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')