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Monday, 2 July 2012

9 JUNE 2012 DAY 15: PAKXAN - PAKXE (530kms)

After breakfast at Pakxan Hotel, the one and only hotel in Pakxan with free wifi, on Day 15, we headed to Pakxe via route 13 all the way. It was a straight road and I felt relieved that the winding road was finally over. However, the view was boring as we were now riding on a low land. There was nothing to see except ragged paddy fields and kampong houses. To sum it all, riding on the mountains was difficult, but the view was superb. On the other hand, riding on the low lands was much easier, but offer only boring views. Conclusion – NO PAIN, NO GAIN.
A landmark near a river but I am not sure of its significance...may be someone can tell me

I noticed one good thing about the Lao drivers were whenever they overtake, they will spare much space on your side and will honk as to alarm you. This is something which we can learn from them. The road condition that we passed today was okey, but at certain parts, uneven. There was one time that I didn’t manage to avoid a big hole with water in it, and I almost fell from my bike. I found that, even though I rode much faster compared to riding in the mountains, it was difficult to cover many kilometers per hour. There were many times that we had to slow down as to avoid a group of cows on the road. The most annoying to me was dogs lazing on the road, and didn’t make the slightest effort to move even when they saw vehicles approaching. I had to ride carefully so as not to hit them. 

Not long after we fuel up, Hadi slowed down his bike due to some problems. The carburetor was wet. Weird. It was not raining. After checking it out, Hadi assumed that the oil sold at the petrol station was mixed with kerosene, hence the engine choking. 

There were some mountain background views 50kms before we arrive Pakxe. Upon arrival, we checked in at Sabady Guest House which had lots of foreigners staying here. Total ride today is 530kms, 10 hours.


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')