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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Havent I said that North Thailand is not that far? And that I can always come back another time? Well, less than 8 weeks after I came back from my North Thailand Floral Ride, I set out once again for another ride. This time, I named it “I LOVE THAILAND & LAOS” RIDE. Its very obvious, isnt it? U wont return (for so many times) if u dont have the love feelings towards the country (hence the name). And why do I love these countries so much? Bcos the countries are beautiful, the ppl are nice, the food are yummy, its not expensive to travel to and it has plenty to offer...


I departed from home around 2.30pm as I hv to settle with my flight purchasing (for my upcoming ride) process. I was already very late, but still have to stop at R n R Sungai Perak to find an ATM machine due to transferring the money to buy the flight ticket. I didnt stop for anything after that until I reached Changlun for my white card. Luckily the highway was not as busy as usual and I managed to arrive the border at 6pm. I took less than 20mins to clear both borders and tried to ride as fast as I can to Hadyai Train Station. However, the road was heavy with traffic as it was peak hour. 

I finally arrived the train station 15mins prior to the departure. There was no problem for me to find the place to transport my bike on the train, but unfortunately, there was no more space on the specific train that I wanted to take, as there were already 2 GS ahead of me, waiting to be lifted up on the train. I found Yang, the guy who can speak Malay, and persuaded him to enable DREAM to be taken on that train. (If u hv read my previous entry, u will know that this guy was not happy that I gv him B100 as token to help lifted DREAM on the train last time). He asked for more money this time, and as I was desperate, I agreed to pay B300. However, another guy whom I assumed as the chief of the porter sternly asked for B500. He told me that if I refuse to pay as much as he wants, DREAM cant travel on any train at all. I was sooo pissed off. Honestly, if I could, I would hv gone straight to the station master and report about this matter, but there is no time for argument. Never mind, next time I will do that. Since time is running short, I dont hv much choice but to agree, providing that DREAM will travel on the same train as myself. He said okey. I entered the train to find my seat. As the train started to leave the station, I was soooo shocked to see that Yang and his friend were pushing DREAM on the platform. What the hell is going on here? I was shouting to them like mad, but Yang signalled something to me which I didnt understand. Two officers approached me and explained to me (in broken English) that there was no space for DREAM on that train. DREAM will travel on another train (time gap about 30 mins from my train) and that I will have to wait for a while for him to arrive at Nakhon Pathom. Urghhhhh!!!


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')