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Wednesday, 27 February 2013



I arrived Nakhon Pathom around 9.15am (local time). I saw some familiar faces and greeted them. The custom lady asked me where I’m going this time? I told her, to Laos. She said that I am very brave. When I enquired about DREAM, a nice train officer, who can speak some English told me that DREAM will only arrive at 1.30pm WHAT??? That is 4 hours away. Well, what can I do? Luckily, Thailand provide free internet at the train stations so I used the time to check my mails and FB. DREAM finally arrived and I hv to pay B100 to the person who brought him down. 

Jay, a nice train officer at Nakhon Pathom station

Once I got DREAM, I rode fast via route 321 – 346 – 340 – 1 – 117. Jacarandas, cherry blossoms and yellow flower trees were in full bloom making the road so very colourful. I stopped for fuel at Chai Nat and bought a yummy frozen vegetarian rice at 7-Eleven. I continued my ride and I could see lots of police traffic guarding the road, and I encountered some road blocks as well. I hv no idea on why, but many times I saw workers planting statues of birds everywhere. They must be preparing for certain occasion. 

I arrived Phitsanulok at 5.40pm. I was making a mind calculation. The distance to Lom Sak was 130kms away. I will be riding on route 12, which in my experience, should be at least a dual lanes highway. I think I can manage the distance at maximum in 1:30hrs. With that calculation, I proceeded to Lom Sak. To my surprise, about 15kms after I left Phitsanulok, the highway changed to a single lane road and the ascending and descending winding began. I can’t speed when riding on a road as such. It got dark soon after. In the beginning, there were still many vehicles on the road, and everytime I encountered a vehicle ascending from infront, I will be blinded by the vehicle’s head light. I couldnt see the road in front of me. I hv to ride slowly in this condition. 

However, after a while, the road started to be deserted, leaving me riding alone in the pitch dark as I was surrounded by forest on the right and left side of the road. At that very moment, I recalled a video of a true story which I watched few weeks before, about a vampire hanging at the back screen of a car. DAMN!!! Not now, plzzz. I recited Quran versus that I can recall all the way. I was getting very tired after the long ride from Nakhon Pathom. 

Finally the winding ended when I rode on route 21 and I reached Lom Sak at 7.55pm, after riding 2:15hrs from Phitsanulok. There was only one guest house at Lom Sak listed in my GPS so I went there straight away. The room was cheap and hv a secure parking. However, it does not hv wifi. I tried my luck at Sawang Hotel, which looked quite fancy, but surprisingly they hv a nice fan room and wifi at the lobby for B300 only. After checking in, I walked to a night market nearby and bought rice with grilled squid for dinner.

Elvis wall, at Sawang Hotel lobby


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')