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Sunday, 20 October 2013


10th June 2013
I woke up late and just lazed around. At 10.30am, Andrew, the most well known and reputable motorbike mechanic in Tajikistan came over to have a look at DREAM. By right, I should be going to his place. However, upon knowing that I was not feeling well, he was kind enough to drop by and took DREAM back to his workshop for full inspection. I will never forget his words, “What are you doing here lady, riding alone in Tajikistan? Don’t you know that our roads are among the most dangerous in the world”? My answer was, “Don’t you know that I have some broken wires and loose screws in my brain? I came all the way to see you and get them fixed.” HAHAHA....

Andrew taking a look on my tools to make sure that he got the correct sizes for DREAM

I still felt weak due to the diarrhoea. Alexei told me that pomegranate juice was a good cure, so since I had only today to see some of Dushanbe, buy some souvenirs and the juice, I forced myself to get out from bed and took the local mashrutka (shared van) to Ziloni Bazaar. I found what I’m looking for but I still couldn’t find fridge magnets (I’m a hardcore magnet collector). Luckily, it was not so difficult to find locals who can speak some English in Dushanbe, and one of them guided me to go to Tsum shopping complex which I managed to buy 3 pieces of expensive (for Tajik standard) magnets.
Ziloni Bazaar
This Coca Cola guy asked me to take his pic
After that, I just get on and get off from one mashrutka to another, just for the sake of seeing the city. The fare was cheap anyway, only 1TJS per ride.

Amir Temur Monument
The crown on top is solid gold. Pics are not allowed.
If spotted by the policemen, u can be fined.

Presidential Palace

By late afternoon, Andrew came back with DREAM fully checked and washed. There was no major problem, except that Andrew warned me about a slight crack at the right pannier’s bracket which must had been due to the many falls.

With Andrew and his friend
Andrew's Yamaha bike. Look at the tyres..... 

p/s: A more detailed story about my journey will be told in my upcoming book. More beautiful pics of course. STAY TUNED.....


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')