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Wednesday, 5 November 2014


DAY 10: 13th June 2014
Pheriche (4240m) to Khumjung (3790m)
12 km (8 hrs)

Himalayan Lodge

It was a beautiful morning in beautiful lovely Periche.

View from my room

Somehow, today sucks. Today really sucks. Apart from Day 2, where we walked up towards Namche Bazaar, this was one of the hardest days for me. My knee took quite the beating this day. It was such a frustrating day, you just walked and walked and hoped you’re getting somewhere, but it almost seemed endless. Half way through I was already limping, and it was only going to get worse.

After the grueling climb to EBC, arent we now supposed to go down and down? Unfortunately what actually happened wasnt so. In the beginning, yes, we walked gradually downhill on a grass land for about 10mins, followed by a very steep uphill for 25mins. Then it was up down up down until Pyangboche when we went steep down on a very rough rocky trek that hurts my knees and ankles so bad. I almost tripped a few times. The trek we took today wasnt the same as when we were going to EBC. Later, it was up, up and up for 1hr until Tengbochye. It was very tiring. After Tengbochye, again it was a steep down, down, and down.

The walk seemed forever as I followed the twisties. I felt as if I’m getting to nowhere. I had lost my friends by now, and I couldnt be bothered to catch up as my legs hurts. I remembered last time when climbing up to Tengbochye, it didnt took more than 1hr to reach, but upon going down, I had been walking for ages but the river side restaurant was still far below. God knew how tired I am, as todays walk didnt offer me much rest. This was due to every time I reached a resting place, my friends were about to make a move, so I ignored my own fatigue and continued with them as not to be left far behind. The most rest I can get was about 1 – 2 mins only, or sometimes none at all. It was a relieved when I finally reached the restaurant for lunch.

We continued walking, braving the cold as the wind was blowing and as the beautiful sun decided that she wanna hide behind the cloud. It was a very tough uphill trek for another 2.30hrs to Khumjung. It seemed as if I will never reach this place. Painful, exhausted and deceiving, I just pushed through it, 10 steps at a time. I meant that literally. 10 steps and stop, 10 steps and stop, eventually you will get there. When I finally got there after 8hrs walking since morning, I was incredibly bitter. It was likely from the tiredness and the pain. I was dead tired. Everyone was tired. No one had the mood to talk.

We had dinner at 6pm. I ordered rice with vege curry, but the curry had no curry taste at all. Haihhh...

Luckily that was another day done, and another day closer to completion.

DAY 11: 14th June 2014
Khumjung (3780m)
Monjo (2840m)

Mini Tibet Lodge

It was a very cloudy and cold morning as we walked out of Khumjung. We walked on flat ground for 5mins passing a school, and after that a steep uphill steps for 20mins. Then we went down, down and down on dirt trail or steps for 1hr until we reached Namche Bazaar. My friends wanna do some shopping, but I decided to do it in Kathmandu.

After that it was all the way down hill on dirt trail with loose gravels. Still, it wasnt a complete breeze as walking down was incredibly hard on my knees. Even though not much energy was needed, I had to be really careful with my aching knees. It hurt really bad whenever I tried to brake or keeping my balance after tripping on the gravels. Somehow, looking back, I just couldnt believe that I had walked this same defeating path (but ascending) about 9 days ago. It was a fantastic feeling.

After that it was ups and downs again until we reached Monjo.

The lodge in Monjo

DAY 12: 15th June 2014
Monjo (2840m)
Lukla (2795m)
8km (5hrs)
Sherpas Lodge

This was the last official trekking day. On the one hand I was so excited that the actual trekking was almost over and I had almost completed the task at hand. On the other hand, I was going through a mixture of emotions as I realized that this crazy trip was about to end very soon. We started a bit late as everyone, especially Carly were too reluctant to leave the TV which showed the World Cup :)

Eventually it all plateaus for the first half of the trek. I recognized familiar sites I saw upon ascending the other day. I crossed the same suspension bridges, and saw the same streams with the same tea houses along side of them. I saw lots of sherpas, cows and donkeys which made for an interesting trek, especially when trying to cross bridges. Let me just say, donkeys are vicious, and by now, I knew very well not to try to walk past them :)

The only issue with today, the second half of the trek from Phakding to Lukla was 80% uphill. You hear that? Yes, you heard me right. Even on the very last day of trekking, u still need to climb!!! It felt like such an unnecessary struggle to the finishing line. At this point, my legs were jello, I had blisters and was aching all over. What would have been an easy climb on Day 1 had turned into a struggle. However, few hours later, I saw the archway where it all began and it was the most exciting feeling out there! This must had been the most beautiful archway that I had ever seen in my whole life!!!

At the lodge, I got spoiled with internet!!! Finally!!! Can u imagine how dreadful an internet maniac’s life (me) and a FB addict (me) for the past 12 days without internet?

It was an exciting day as it marked the completion of what we all set out to do. With that came a wonderful dinner, where my friends and I treated our guides and porters. Everyone had fun, had drinks and reminisced on our last 12 days together. Before retiring to our rooms, we bid good bye to our porters and our guide, PT, as they wont be accompanying us to Kathmandu tomorrow.

DAY 13: 16th June 2014
Lukla(2795m) - Kathmandu

At this point, myself, and I think everyone else, was ready to get off the mountain. It was awesome getting on that tiny little plane and flying off the edge of a cliff, one step closer to home I was very happy to take. Even though the mountains had left a deep impact on me, I cant wait to get back to civilization again, and to a cleaner place which didnt stink with animals shit. 

Finally we arrived Kathmandu and were transferred to Tibet GH. For the first time in 13 days, I took a really close look on myself in the mirror. The image shocked me. What I saw was not me, but an alien...with broken lips, cracked and peeling skin, additional wrinkles, badly tanned and haggard face....I just couldnt believe how this trekking can change my feature that much. the name of satisfaction and livin my dream, huhhh? Its okey, I'll restore my beauty once I'm back home :)

The next night, the trekking company complimented us with a nice farewell dinner. The food was good and the cultural show was entertaining. 

After that, it was time to say good bye to all my trekking friends and our guide, John. 

Carly, Kieren, Katia, Mia, Nathan and John....
It was a very fun experience trekking to EBC with u guys. The kindness and care u all show to me were unforgettable. The jokes, the stories and the laughter we shared will be cherished in my mind forever. I hope to meet u all again, someday, somewhere, somehow.....

With that, my EBC trekking had come to an end. Game for anymore climbing after this?

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