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Tuesday, 11 November 2014


29th Aug 14: Ipoh - Hatyai 

It was a last minute decision. All of a sudden I felt the urgent need to ride somewhere not too far from home to fulfil my riding lust. Besides, I havent ride to Thailand at all this year. At 3pm, I rode DJ, my brand new Honda CB500X machine and made my way up north to the border. This is the first time I’m taking him to cross the border. There were lots of bikers OTR as most of them were heading to Hatyai for the Bike Week which will start tomorrow. I managed to cross the border without too much hassles, but for the first time, I had to pay B50 to the Thai customs officer to bring in my bike into Thailand.

It was almost 7pm then, I sped as fast as I could to Hatyai. Nothing much to report about this famous town except for the obvious increase in food price.

30th Aug 14: Hatyai - Trang

A biker friend, bro Eid Sidek came to meet me at the GH where I stayed. He brought me to a famous bike spare part shop here in Hatyai. I bought 3 engine oils and an oil filter. The price? A lot cheaper compared to in Malaysia. Then we had a drink and roti canai at a restaurant, and later proceeded to the Central Festival Mall where the Bike Week was held. We met more biker friends there such as Pak Syed Idid, Yongsuzi and her hb Lee Panjang, Apek and others. From my observation, there were more Malaysian bikers attending this event compared to Thailand bikers. There were not many shops opened yet, but at those which opened, I could see their unique merchandise and machines. Initially, I can say that Thailand ppl were more creative compared to Malaysians.

Me & Pak Syed Idid
With bro Eid Sidek & his son
With Yongsuzi and her hb, Lee Panjang

My friends and I had lunch inside the mall (thanks Pak Syed for giving me a treat). I need to rush as after this, I’m heading to Trang for my camping ride.

I met Ariv Fotomoto who had been searching for me everywhere. Sorry about that, Ariv. We only managed to talk for a while and after that, off I go.

Me & Ariv Fotomoto

It rained a bit, on and off on my way to Trang. I took route 4 to Trang, and then route 4046 and 4062 to the coastal beach. I was told about this secluded beach by bro Acid Mustafa, but he himself never camp here before. I parked my bike and walked to the beach, trying to find the most strategic spot to pitch my tent. I found it, and without wasting any time, I start to set up my tent as the weather does not look very good. As I was busy doing my stuff, a ranger came with an interpreter, telling me not to camp here as its not safe for a lone woman. I told him that I will be alright.

Before the sun went down, I cooked dinner and after praying, I made my camp fire using dry sticks and leaves scattered around the area. It was fun. I had my dinner of rice and chicken rendang while listening to the waves and the sound of nature. It was such a calm feeling.

My simple dinner - rice with canned chicken rendang & Nescafe

I went inside my tent around 10pm, with the intention to sleep. However, the moment I was about to doze off, I heard the sound of branches outside my tent being stepped on, as if someone was walking outside my tent. I peeped outside, but there was no one. I tried to get back to sleep, but the same thing repeated. It happened until 1am. When I couldnt take it no more, I went outside my tent and sat on the mat and tell the ‘thing’, “If u r so want to play, then come out and show yrself.” There was silence around me. No sound could be heard except from the waves and the crickets. I waited for 15mins but nothing, absolutely nothing I could see nor hear. Since there were lots of mossies as the camp fire had died, I entered my tent again. The moment I’m about to doze off, the sound came back. I ignored it and went to sleep. I managed to sleep, but only for a while when I felt that I couldnt breathe. I had to fight ‘it’ for quite some time, until the ‘thing’ released me. Damn!!! I recited some prayers and I purposely said out aloud, “I just wanna sleep for tonite...Tomorrow I shall plz dont disturb me.” After I had calmed down, I went back to sleep. Fortunately, this time, it was a peaceful sleep and no more disturbances.

31st Aug 2014: Trang - Jitra - Ipoh 

I woke up at 6.30am to perform my Subuh prayer. Ohh, I forgot to mention that there was a toilet and shower facility not so far from the place where I pitched my tent. After that, I caught some sleep until 10am. I had my breakfast and continued resting while watching some locals playing with their children on the beach. Finally, with so much laziness, I packed my things and left the place.

I was lying inside my tent when this pic was taken

I headed to the border, with the intention to stop by at a famous grilled meat restaurant in Sadao. Unfortunately, after I passed Hatyai, the rain started to fall heavily and it was a white out situation. I had to slow down, and was riding like 30kmh, trying to find shelter. About 25km to Sadao, there was a wide space on the left side of the road without any building at all, when all of a sudden, cross wind swept me & my fully loaded bike to the middle of the road (even though I tried real hard to stop the bike). Within seconds, we were shoved from the slow lane to the fast lane, up on the divider and tumbled on the other side of the road. There was nothing that I can do at that moment. I was nearly being hit by an approaching van as visibility was really low. God knows how scary it was. After falling, I tried to get up, but failed as the wind was super duper strong. I had to crawl to get back to my bike. A nice local helped me to put my bike to stand again, but with so much difficulty. We were both soaked to the bones. Once the bike was put to stand, I had difficulty to start the engine. I tried many times, and all the while, vehicles passing by me honked, as the bike and I were still in the middle of the road. Thank god that after pushing the bike a lil bit under the strong wind and rain, I managed to start the engine. Even though traumatized and shaky, I continued riding ahead and took shelter at Tesco Lotus until the storm died.

Apart from the dent pannier, my handle guard fall off, side mirror loosened and there were minor scratches on my 4 months old bike. My heart fell when seeing his condition now, but I told myself that I must be patience and accepted what god had decide for me. I dare not leave the bike and went inside Tesco as the wind was still super strong. I’m worried if my bike will fall, so I sat next to it, and held the bike with my hands.

Eventually, after 45 mins, the rain lessened and I continued to the border. Even though hungry, I had no appetite to eat the grilled meat anymore. I arrived the border and was stunned to see how fine the weather was. There was no sign of rain at all. I quickly settled the border crossing procedure and called bro Eid Sidek whom I’m supposed to meet and told him what had happened. He waited for me at Jitra exit and brought me to a nearby workshop to repair the handle guard and the side mirror. Thanks a lot bro for yr help. I had a drink with Pak Syed Idid who also waited for me at Jitra, and a few more whom I cant rmbr their names. Since it was already late and my eye sight was bad at night, I decided to spend the night at my friends house and only ride back home the next day.

Being swept by a strong cross wind is a new experience for me after being involved in adv riding since the past 2 years. Perhaps Allah is preparing me for my next tougher adv ride, I dont know... For that, I dont mind, and I thank Him that I am still alive.

Until next ride.... 

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