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Saturday, 27 December 2014


DAY 7, 18 Sept 14: PAKXE

One thing I love about riding solo is I’m free to do whatever I like and go wherever and whenever I want. So, I took my own sweet time lazing on the bed and only make a move to Thad Pha Suam waterfalls, the most famous attraction in Pakxe at around 11am. 

The road to Thad Pha Suam

It wasn’t difficult to find this famed waterfall. Entrance fee was K7000. The beauty? Let the pics do the talking lah...

This is my special moment...talking to myself and talking to the nature. Plz do not disturb.....

Theres another beautiful waterfall not far from Thad Pha Suam. I found it by mistake. I forgot the name, but this falls, like Thad Pha Sua, was not less beautiful. The best part was I’m the only visitor here and I got this falls all to myself. I just sat on the rock watching this falls for 30mins without any disturbance.

Later I rode slowly back to Pakxe, taking my own sweet time. Lots of interesting things I saw while on the way.

I parked my bike at the GH and walked to the nearby market. I  bought grilled fish, sticky rice and somtam for my dinner. Yummy yummy...

Grilled banana...sedap jugak
Somtam...pedas berdengung
Freshly cook sticky rice...smell soo good.....

I dont know why...but I hv mixed emotion looking at this pic.....


Today is a looonggg ride. My actual destination is Petchaburi but since I made a stopping to visit an attraction and theres some confusion while navigating my way, I only managed up to Ayuthaya only.

I started early in the morning and headed straight to the border. There was fog which limited my view so I had to slow down. 

Border crossing was smooth. I had to pay K10000 at the Lao side and FOC upon entering THL. 

Sirinthon Dam

Once done with border crossing, I sped as fast as I could via route 217 – 226, turning left before Buriram to 219 and some tertiary roads about 20kms which the last few kms, I had to climb a steep hill. The place I want to visit is Prasat Phanom Rung. It was located on top of an extinct volcano. This future world heritage site was not popular among Malaysians but actually this Hindu shrine was very ancient. It was built in the 10th – 13th century. From the top, one can see the surrounding land.

I cant stay long as I still had a long way to go. Off I sped via route 24 – 2 to Saraburi. The road condition was okey. Traffic started to get heavy when I’m nearing Saraburi as it was peak hour. I asked a policeman the correct way to go to Ayuthaya but he directed me wrongly and I had to turn back. It was quite confusing and I wasted some time here to find the correct way. Finally, I managed to find it and only arrived Ayuthaya when the sun had already gone, totally exhausted after covering almost 1000kms in about 13 hours.

Chantana House, B250


I woke up at 5.30am with the intention to start riding as early as possible to avoid the morning traffic. It was still dark when I make a move from the GH and exit Ayuthaya heading to Sena. I didnt realize when did my head light malfunction, until I started to ride on the tertiary road without street lights. I stopped DJ by the road side and checked the matter. It was pitch dark and I couldnt figure out whats the problem. I touched the wires in case if theres shortage somewhere, but still the light was dead. I had no choice but to continue riding slowly. I switched on my hazard lights but it was of not much help. I really couldn’t see the road or if theres pot holes ahead. It was scary to ride in this condition but there was no suitable place to stop. Thank god that theres not many vehicles on the road, but once in a while when they came from the opposite direction, they were super fast and they only noticed me when our distance were really close. They greeted me with a loud and long honk. Ohh, thank you very much for noticing my presence. When I saw shop lots with lights, I pulled over but not for long as there were stray dogs around. I had to continue riding in this tense condition for about 50kms until I reached the intersection to route 340 where there was a petrol pump. I waited until theres enough sunlight for me to move on. While waiting, I witnessed a very beautiful sunrise. I supposed, this must be the reason why Allah made the situation as such for enable me to witness His greatness.

I continued riding as fast as I could via route 4. My biggest concern is to catch the soonest ferry to Koh Samui. I seldom stop for rest, except during refueling, when I took the opportunity for toilet and a light snack. I managed to ride at 130 – 140kmh at certain areas. I was tired, but I had to move on. It was quite a long way from Surat Thani to Don Sak pier. I had thought that the distance was near. Theres a long cue at the pier, but I managed to cut the cue and took the 4pm ferry which costed me B250. I met some bikers from Sarawak and we chatted for a while. I couldnt rest in the ferry no matter how tired I was as the couple who sat next to me were so impressed that I rode my motorbike alone (they overheard my conversation with the Sarawakians). They asked me questions all the way until the ferry reached Koh Samui. Then, it was another 20kms ride to my GH near Lamai Beach. Only god knows how exhausted I was.

DJ on the ferry


  1. Nice Kak Anita.
    Awek cun kat air terjun Pakxe tu. Haha

  2. LOL Hazwan Hafiz, berkenan ke? Akak ada simpan email address dia :)

  3. Kak Anita.
    Only one thing wonder me, why you seldom use of GPS? Peta lagi best kan?
    From southern to northern Thai border's, depa asyik nak pau jaa...hehehe. Opss.

    1. Having been in and out of Thailand many times, I felt that Thailand is a very easy country to navigate, hence I only need the GPS when entering towns :)

  4. My favourite stop over at Passuam Resort after a journey from Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia. Its a must stop at least for 2 nights.



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