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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

1 JUNE 2012 DAY 7: MAE SOT - MAE SARIANG (244kms)

Our targeted Day 7 destination is Mae Hong Son. Hearing its name already brought shivers into my spine. Why? Bcos this is the famous thousand corner route town. It’s a paradise for true bikers, but not so for an unskillful rider such as me. After breakfast, we first rode to the Thailand – Myanmar border for pic session at the Moei River (Thailand westernmost point). This border only opens for the locals.

The Friendship Bridge

Then, we took route 105 all the way to our destination. The rain started to fall and the winding started very soon too. I rode slowly climbing up the steep road, and after that going very steep downhill curves. I saw many local tribe teenagers wearing black shirt and carrying red flag, which somehow they looked like Vietkong soldiers. There were also lots of stalls selling fruits. I noticed that at every entry of a new town, doesn’t matter if it’s a big or a small town, we will be greeted with a bridge, followed by a city @ town gate, a resting area with lots of flags and also the king and queen’s big posters. There were also police check points at certain areas. There was a very beautiful brown coloured river which amazed me, but I was too concern on the slippery road that I didn’t take any pic of the river. The rain makes the trees looked so green. Lots of yellow, white and colourful butterflies danced around me while I’m riding and some accidentally hit my helmet. I am sorry beautiful butterflies….if only I can spare your lives, god knows I will.

Very soon, the road condition was getting from bad to worse. The rain didn’t seem want to stop either. I was so scared. After few hours, I started to feel very exhausted from the stressful ride. The symptoms begins with sleepiness, followed by drowsy and numbness on my hands, face, lips and feet. There were times that I felt difficult to breathe. I was trying hard to control my ride in this kind of situation and in this kind of road condition. I have to stop few times to get rid of the numbness. The road was in a bad condition three quarter way from Mae Sot to Mae Sariang. At certain part, it was very steep, narrow, and uneven with lots of holes. At other part, the construction is ongoing, so we have to ride on a slippery wet red dirt road for about 200m. This first time experience, combined with the trauma for falling the other day is taking its toll on me. In the end, we have to stop at Mae Sariang instead. Total ride is only 244kms, but taking a long 8 hours to reach. 

 Views from my balcony

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