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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


The target for Day 4 is to ride to the Thai – Myanmar border, following route 323, and visit the Three Pagoda Pass. It was a cool cloudy day as I lead our way. The road was really nice and deserted. We passed beautiful paddy fields and some nice hilly views. There was also impressive Wats along the way. I was caught of guard a few times as cross winds swayed my bike when passing the paddy fields. The view was really beautiful when we rode bypassing Erawan National Park. I saw Hellfire Pass and make a mind note to visit this museum on the way back. My level of confidence was getting higher now and I rode fast whenever I can, since I know that I will be slowing down when the curving ride starts. I missed the turn to Sangkhlaburi, and bcos of that, I managed to view a beautiful river.

We turned to the actual road and the winding started. It continued for about 80kms.  Finally we arrived Three Pagoda Pass after a few check points. Some snapping pictures and a drink, and then we rode back down.
 Three Pagoda Pass

It was barely 5 minutes when we descend and the rain started to fall. We put on our rain coats and continued the ride. The rain got heavier but I don’t want to stop. About 16kms to end the winding part, as I was carefully navigating DREAM down a steep and sharp curve, suddenly, I loose control of him. DREAM started to wobble and in a split second, both of us fall on the slippery road. I was screaming for my mom on top of my voice. I can still remember clearly how it happened. DREAM slided to the barrier and his front part was smashed to pieces. I overturned once but managed to stop myself from slamming the barrier. Thank god. I got on my feet, hurriedly turning back to see Hadi also fall down (to avoid from colliding with me). I was shaken so badly, as I never experienced such fall in my whole life. Some locals stopped by and gave us a hand. I rested in a van and tried to control myself from the shock. I didn’t suffer from any injury, but Hadi’s knees was swollen. 
Emily and the Thailand UN team

After 40 minutes, while my trauma was still great, we moved on. Since DREAM’s handle was badly damaged, Hadi rode him while I rode Hadi’s Lil G. It was very challenging for me to ride all the 160kms back to Kanchanaburi in this state of mind. I was so relieved when we arrived at the guest house. I wished to thank Emily and her friends for helping us today. Total ride was 470kms, approximately 8 hours.
 The meter reads 5136km
 Broken meters, wind shield, GPS holder, GPS and head lamp. Bent side mirrors, levers and handle.


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')