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Thursday, 28 June 2012


Day 10 targeted destination is to cross the ThailandLaos border to Luang Namtha. But first, Hadi gave me a task, that I were to wait for him at ‘The Northern Most of Thailand’ landmark at Mae Sai. Ever since Day 3, I was leading the way with him following behind, but now, I have to go first and wait for him. I prayed silently, hoping that even without a GPS, I will manage to find the place. Yes, I did (by following route 1), and I still have time for little shopping while waiting for him. Then, Hadi arranged for us to enter Myanmar. I have no idea how he do it, but out of the blue, we managed to bring in our motorbikes, and actually rode in Myanmar!!! We visited the small border town and went to the temple. The road here was concreted and very dusty. I saw women labours carrying heavy cement on their head, while walking barefooted on the road. Life must be hard for them. All along the road, I can see lots of HIV / drug free warning signs. The houses here were similar to in Vietnam, about 3 or 4 storey high, but with small width, very colourful and beautifully tiled. Most of the females put a yellow powder on their faces. We took some pics at the ‘Golden Triangle’ round about. 

 A wat in Chiang Rai
 Chiang Rai's famous clock tower
The Northern Most of Thailand landmark

Thailand - Myanmar border
I'm actually riding my bike in Myanmar...YEAYY!!!

After about 1 hour, we exited Myanmar and continued the ride to Chiang Kong. But before that, Hadi gave me another task, that is to wait for him at the 'Golden Triangle' land mark. He didn't tell me where it was, nor how far the landmark was from Mae Sai. I have no idea how does it looks like, but a task is a task. I have to find it no matter what. I thought it must be at Chiang Saen, but actually it was not. When instinct told me to ask the locals, I hv missed the landmark by 10kms. When I turned back, almost nearing the landmark, the lane to Mae Sai was closed. In order to get back to the main road, I have to go round and round. I found the landmark after all, but I was 45mins late. We then continued to Chiang Khong. I rode on the road alongside with beautiful view of Mekong River. The road was narrow and bumpy, but the winding was tolerable. It was already late to cross to Laos, so we have to stay the night here. We had dinner at a stall selling yummylicious seafood Pad Thai.


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')