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Thursday, 28 June 2012


I started Day 11 feeling very exhausted, weak and dizzy due to the lack of rest and sleep. However, I am not going to quit. No, not yet. I will try to hold, as much as I can. This morning, we crossed ThailandLaos border via Mekong River. Once everything was done at the immigration, we make our way to the pier. I thought that a ferry is going to take us to the other side of the river, but the so called ferry was actually a floating modern raft or buoyant (or whatever you name it). After we parked our motorbikes, the huge lorries and trucks took their places. It was pretty scary to imagine how if the ‘thing’ can’t hold the weight of all of us. Thank god, we made it safely to the other side. Welcome to Laos.
On the ferry
As usual, before we can ride our motorbikes in a new country, we have to apply for a permit and insurance. Once done, we headed to Huay Xai center for our passport control and changing to Laos currency (kips). Then we moved on. Laos drove on the right side, so it was very confusing for me in the beginning. Fortunately, there were not many vehicles on the road (very unlike Thailand), thus this made today’s ride the most enjoyable ride so far. We took route 3 all the way to Luang Namtha. The nicely paved road which was deserted and hilly, offered a spectacular view of Laos landscape. Hadi was right (again). Laos was lots more beautiful than Thailand

The nicely paved road

After Luang Namtha, we continued with route 13B to Na Teuy, and turn left, heading to Boten, a small LaosChina border town. The curving road was filled with big lorries. We reached the border and took pictures. I was so thrilled. I was laughing, unbelieving that I made it here after all. On our way down, and straight to Odumxay, the ride became challenging bcos of lots of timber lorries on the narrow road. Hadi guided me every time we want to overtake the lorries. It was pretty scary for me. There was one time that the lorry almost pushed me to the side of the road. Another time, a big bug suddenly landed on my face, and in order to push it away, I accidentally pushed my spectacle. It fell on my fuel tank and luckily I managed to catch it. I was riding with blurry vision for few seconds before I managed to stop my bike and put my spectacles on. Haihhh….Total ride today is 350kms, 8 hours.

Lil G & DREAM at Laos - China border


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')