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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

31 MAY 2012 DAY 6: KANCHANABURI - MAE SOT (550kms)

On Day 6, we left Kanchanaburi and headed north. Before that, we oiled our bikes chains using QPLUS Chain Lube. During last night talk with Hadi, he asked me to decide on my route. After the scary fall, I don’t want to ride on winding road anymore. I was really scared. I can still remember the visions of my kids faces when I fall the other day. How if…..? I am too scared to even think about it. So, I told him that I will let him know my decision when we arrived Tak, be it Mae Sot or Lamphun. I felt awkward to ride DREAM with the new handle. Anyway, after many hours riding on that day, I started to adapt with it. We took route number 324, and then turn to route 340 to Utai Thani. This route was longer and more time consuming then I anticipated. We continued with route 1 bypassing Nakhon Sawan and Kampheng Phet. When we arrived Tak, I told Hadi that I will try Mae Sot. 

In the beginning, the road was nice and straight. However, after about 10kms, the winding started. To make it more challenging, the rain started to fall. There were many lorries that I had to overtake. There were also many vehicles from the opposite direction as well. God knows how I felt at that time. Not far from Mae Sot, the road went downhill steeply, while red sand from the construction started to flow with the running water. This makes the road very slippery. I gripped the handle very tightly that my arm and back muscles hurt so bad. I went very very slowly. I pity Hadi for having to bear with me. We made it to Mae Sot. A nice lady at a petrol station helped me to locate the guest house and someone from the GH waited for us at a meeting point. How nice of them. That night we had dinner at a food court near the market. The tomyam is to die for, very yummylicious, big portion and cheap. Total ride today is 550kms, about 10 hours.
 The guest house in Mae Sot

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