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Saturday, 26 May 2012

25 MAY 2012

Today, Hadi will take me to buy riding boots as Givi’s boots are out of stock. I have to wait 3 months if I want it, so, no choice, since I need it now, I have to buy it. First, we go to Lea Craft shop, at Setapak. Unfortunately, there is no suitable size for me. Then we go to Mecinda Shop, Pertama Complex. After trying a few pairs and bargaining, I settled with a nice high cut Daytona riding boots. The price? LOL….more than RMIk. This is the most expensive shoe @ boots I have ever bought @ wear. Its worth it as it is a pure leather waterproof Gore-Tex boots (Gore-Tex means the boots is breathable, it wont make my feet hot and stuffy). Paksu, the shop owner, gave me and Hadi a buff each as free gift. 

Then, we went to find a waterbag. After bargaining, we got it for RM100 per piece. I followed Hadi to a TS logo printing shop for our riding Tshirt. Then, we said goodbye as Hadi has lots of other stuff to settle before we start the ride.

Myself? I walked to Jalan Masjid India to find a shop to duplicate DREAM’s key (as I forgot to bring his spare key). After that, I rode DREAM, planning to go to KL Sentral to change money at the usual money changer which I’m used to. However, wearing the new boots for the first time riding DREAM, I felt so awkward. The boots was thick and hard. It was difficult for me to slip it underneath the gear. At the traffic light, the boots stuck under the gear, resulting in me loosing my balance, and together we fall on the road. Oh my…what a sight. People must have been laughing at me for falling for no reason (they don’t know what happened). It was quite difficult for me to lift DREAM up, and no one cares to help. However I managed to lift him, and continued to settle my stuff.

That night, while at the cc checking for the infos on accommodation, Hadi rang me up, telling me that he need to see me. When we met, he passed some items, given by QPLUS, another company apart fr Givi, which sponsored some items for my ride. Thanks QPLUS.


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')