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Saturday, 26 May 2012


Me with sifu Hadi and Arenim at R n R Sg. Buloh
Today, I am going to mark a history in my life.

I got a sms fr Hadi around 5am, saying that our ‘tayar golek’ had to be postponed from 8am to 10am. He just reached his home and not yet asleep at all. I felt sorry for him. Cant imagine how tired he could be. At 7.30am, I received another sms fr him, saying that he will wait for me at R n R Sungai Buloh (the meeting point) at 9am. I left my son’s house at 830am and arrived at the mentioned place at 8.55am. There were lots of bikers with huge superbikes having their breakfast at the R n R. Arenim, a lady biker friend whom I just got to know, arrived to send us off. Very nice of her. Thanks dear. We departed at 9.55am. There are lots and lots of vehicles on the road (at least it was for me). Hadi rode at 100kmh, and in the beginning, I can follow his speed at ease. We stopped for fuel at R n R Tapah, and continued our ride. The challenging part started after we passed the tunnel after Jelapang toll. I have only rode this route once, and only up to Kuala Kangsar. Today, the traffic was so heavy up to the point of the cars stop moving at both lanes. Hadi, the expert, maintained his speed, while me, the penakut, slowed down to only 60kmh. The slow ride took about 3 minutes, and Hadi was nowhere in sight. Once I got the chance, I sped top speed to get back to him, but I couldn’t find him. It took me about 15 – 20minues to locate him, riding a very relaxing ride while me riding like crazy. LOL…From the jammed after the tunnel, I only managed to catch back with him near to Bukit Gantang. Same thing happened again at Juru. Too many vehicles on the road, and fear took me over. I slowed down and I lost him again. I have to speed up to catch up with him. 3 minutes slowing down is equals to 15 minutes top speed to chase him, and he only rode at 100kmh. Gosh….I have to fight my fear. It cant go on like this forever.

We reached Changlun at 5.30pm, and get the Thailand insurance for RM70 (for one year). After resting for a while, we crossed the border. There are no hassles at Malaysian border, but Hadi had some troubles with the Thailand customs. They didn’t keyed-in his exit details the last time he exited Thailand. For that, he had to pay the fine of RM200. Since it was almost dark, and Hadi was not confident with my riding skills to ride in the dark with higher numbers of traffic on Thailand road, he suggested that we pulled over at Danok for the night. In total, we rode for 8 and a half hour, covering approximately 500kms today. Its not a good start.

During dinner, we discussed about the ride today, and he ‘pancung’ me for the mistakes with riding gears handling and bike riding. I don’t mind. He is the master and I’m here to learn. Then, he taught me how to fold the map accordingly and how to use the GPS the correct way. We checked on our route for tomorrow. Hopefully we can make 800kms tomorrow to compensate with today’s loss, and the destination will be Hua Hin.
Us, with Rudy and Adzim

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