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Monday, 28 May 2012

27 MAY 2012 DAY 2: DANOK – HUA HIN (820kms)

After a fulfilling breakfast buffet (complimentary from the Garden Hotel that we stayed last night – B580), we started our ride at approximately 8.15am. Before that, I copied all towns names on a masking tape and pasted it on DREAM’s tank.
Hadi: What is that for?
Me: I cant read the map with my lenses on, the words are too small.
Hadi: What speed will we be riding?
Me: About 100kmh.
Hadi: At that speed, do u think u can look down and read whats written on the masking tape?
Me: May be.
Hadi: Why must u list all the small towns?
Me: I’m listing it to make sure we are following the correct route.
Hadi: Is that necessary? It’s the bigger towns which are important.
Me: I think it is necessary.
Hadi: I have been riding as long as I can rmbr and I never do what u are doing. Now u are changing the menu. Ok, we shall see.

First, we followed route 4 from Danok, bypassing Hadyai. The road condition at certain parts were ok, but at some other parts were bad. I have to focus on the road as to keep the bike’s balance and to avoid holes. Hadi was right. At the speed of 100kmh and in this kind of road condition, I cant even look down to read what I have written. Okey sifu, lesson learnt.

As today is Sunday, there were not many traffic on the road. It was a smooth ride (apart from the uneven road and holes). The highway changed from route 4 to 43, and back to route 4 again. It started to drizzle when we arrived Patthalung, but we continued on riding, only stopping for fuel and toilet. The fuel price here differed from company to company. For example, PTT sell RON95 for B35.50 while Shell for B37.10. Fuel is expensive here in Thailand so Hadi said not to waste it by letting the engine running idle.

The highway route number change to 41 as we aimed for Nakhon si Thammarat, and later Surat Thani. The rain didn’t seem will stop. Rain or dry, Hadi maintained the 100kmh speed. There were times that I was left behind, but not for long as I managed to catch up. I felt good when I managed to catch up with him. Even though raining, I was enjoying the ride and the beautiful paddy field and hilly views. After Chumphon, the route number changed to 4 again. The rain became heavier. We stopped to put on our rain coat. I was very pleased that the Givi rain coat really keeps me dry. So did the Daytona boots that I wore. However, after many hours under the pouring rain plus the strong wind, I started to feel cold. I was shivering while riding. When we arrived Parachuap Khiri Khan, Hadi asked me if I want to continue? We had been riding for 650kms, after more than 9 hours. I said yes. We have targeted Hua Hin, so the target must be accomplished. It gets dark very soon after that, and out of a sudden, the highway was jammed packed with vehicles, especially lorries. The lorry drivers in Thailand were so much brutal compared to in Malaysia. They dominant the right lane and refuse to give way. As it was dark, the road condition was bad and I have troubles with my dusty lenses which hurt my iris, I missed Hadi. Thank god that after 20minutes or so, I found him waiting by the road side. I was by this time very tired already and my eyes hurt so bad. We finally arrived Hua Hin at 8.30pm after riding for 12 hours and 15 minutes. It was a hell tiring ride for me that I had no energy even to double stand my bike.


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')