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Saturday, 26 May 2012


Arrangements and DREAM’s preparation were done about three weeks prior to the day of my first overland ride, by Hadi and his team mates at Bengkel Mat Motor Cawangan Klang Sentral. Top and side pannier GIVI boxes were installed, and so were the wind shield, handle bar extender, handle bar map pouch bag and waterproof GPS case and holder, 12V socket for charging HP/PDA/GPS, LED lighting, third brake light, signal lights, chain oiler and breathable seat cover. Slime was also filled in the tyres for protection against puncture.
 Fixing the handle bar for map pouch bag & GPS holder installation

 Fixing the top and side boxes
Fixing the wind shield
 The chain oiler
 Fixing the breathable seat cover
12V socket for charging HP/PDA/GPS
The guys who had been working on DREAM - 
Harris Andria, Hadi Hussein & Wan

It had been hectic, hectic, super hectic 2 weeks for me prior to start the ride. Today, 24th May 2012, I am gonna leave my home, but before that, I need to settle marking the exam papers, I need to check on routes on the map, I need to search for infos on accommodation and I need to check out the attractions as well. I haven’t finished packing my stuff and bla bla bla. Finally, I left home around 11am, straight to my office and key-in the student’s exam marks, only to be told that I need to recheck the answers again as one particular question’s answer scheme was given wrongly. URRGGGHHH….Not only that, when I wanted to print out the infos on accommodation & attractions, my pen drive was infected by virus and it couldn’t load. Damn!!! I had struggled many long hours for that, and I am not going home to get another copy fr my laptop as I am running late. What to do, it seems that I hv to search for the infos one more time.

I started my ride to the workshop at Kelang Sentral around 1.30pm. Reached there around 4pm. The 1st thing that I cant wait to see is Givi items which Hadi got for me. It was neatly hanged on the jacket hanger. OMG!!!! I was soooooo thrilled when I saw what items Givi had given me. I got a Black Jack riding jacket with a matching Black Jack riding pants, a double visor helmet (double visor means, apart fr the normal visor, theres another tinted visor for sunlight protection, meaning that I don’t need to wear a sun glasses, which was really cool), a pair of rain coat with matching rain shoes, a pair of gloves and a set of secured lock for DREAM. Wowww….I was like…..speechless. I cant believe that all this stuff are mine. A million thanks Givi….and also Hadi for making this too good to be true. 




Suddenly, something shining caught my eyes. What is that? Ohhh….ohhh…..ohhh….its DREAM’s plate number with the word MALAYSIA on the upper part. I almost broke down into tears. Hadi had told me last time that I will only get this plate number after the ride, and I had begged him to get it before the ride start….He sternly said ‘NO’….Now there it is. Gosh….too many thrills in one day. I was smiling from ear to ear. Hadi told me to get it fixed at the shop next door. 

After that, Harris Andria continued working on DREAM’s running light to make it lighted permanently once the button is switched on. This is very important especially when riding at night. Once done, its time for me to change DREAM’s engine oil and oil filter. It was almost 9pm when I finally left the workshop.


  1. Adoiii... saya repair basikal pun tak pandai.... nikan pulak motor... mesti ada kepandaian repair merepair kalau nak buat trip macam ni kan...

  2. Yes, definitely...At least repair yg basic2 la, mcm tukar tayar, ketatkan rantai etc. Sy pun tak pandai juga. Setakat check & tukar minyak hitam tu retilah :)

  3. terpegun gile tgk blog akak..
    idk what to say..

  4. TQ Prince Ace...Mood: Tersipu2 :)



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