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Monday, 28 May 2012

28 MAY 2012 DAY 3: HUA HIN – KANCHANABURI (222kms)

I woke up early as Hadi had told me that I am to lead the way today. When I questioned, why its too soon, today is only Day 3 (minus the ride in Malaysia, meaning today is just our 2nd day riding in Thailand). He said, ‘If not, u are not going to learn anything’. He told me to decide where to go and where to stay for the night. In the early morning, I studied the route and memorized the bigger towns names. Then I took some pics of Mod Guesthouse that we stayed for the night (a nice GH where the sound of waves lullaby u to sleep, B500 for a fan room). After checking out, we started to ride. However, I lost Hadi as soon as the ride started. Where was he? I tried to find him but I couldn’t locate him. Never mind. I thought he must be waiting for me at Hua Hin exit. After all, today I am in charge. Unfortunately, I don’t see him at the exit (well, there is no exit actually as I didn’t take the same route as we enter Hua Hin last night). I tried to call and sms him many times but failed. Then only I noticed that my hand phone status was ‘emergency’. It was okey yesterday when the last sms I received was at Patthalung. Damn. I had to move on. It was already far to return to Hua Hin. While riding, I tried to check if there is any internet cafes to send message to Hadi’s FB. He can always check it using his BB. But I couldn’t find any. I rode on passing Petchaburi, Retchaburi and finally arrived Kanchanaburi via route 4 and 323. First thing is to find an internet café. I send message to him, but he didn’t reply. I had to find another alternative. I was parking my bike at an overseas call shop, when I saw him arriving. What a relief. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. He asked me what happen? To cut the story short, what happened was, he actually told me that we are going to have breakfast first (unfortunately, I didn’t hear this) and he was waiting for me by the roadside when he said that I rode on, not even looking at him. He tried to chase me but I was too fast and he lost me. HAHAHA….can u blv that? My sifu chased me this time. Sorry sifu. It was a communication breakdown. The good thing is we managed to find each other, and I managed to find my way, riding all the 222kms alone from Hua Hin to Kanchanaburi. Yeayyyy!!!

The day was spent with individual activities. I visited attractions such as Bridge of the River Kwai, the Death Railway Museum and the WW2 Memorial Cemetery. The funny part, I also became the center of attraction when I parked my motorbike near the bridge. Some people came and took my pic. Wow…I got fans. Since when was I listed as Kanchanaburi’s attraction? LOL…

Three days had passed. Lots of mistakes done by my part. What is going to happen tomorrow? I have no idea. 


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')