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Saturday, 26 May 2012


Travelling has always been my passion. All this while, I hv been backpacking around the globe for more than 10 years. But now, I am changing my mode of travelling. It all started when I get to know Zahariz Khuzaimah, the crazy Malay guy who cycled China and some parts of Central Asia countries, alone (and at the moment, he is cycling in Iceland; DENGAN BASIKAL AKU MENJELAJAH I was in awe looking at how beautiful the places he had been to. I wanted to do like him, but cycling for me? No, I’m too old to do an extreme cycling trip. Zahariz told me about another guy, Hadi Hussein, who rode from KL to London alone on his 128cc kapchai motorbike. I never heard of him, bcos I never watched TV nor read the newspaper. I started to google about him and read up his IAMALAYSIAN blog. His stories inspired me. I found it very cool to travel on a motorbike. I wanted to go to the places Zahariz went before, but on a motorbike. However, the problem is……I DON’T KNOW HOW TO RIDE A MOTORBIKE. Nevertheless, I was determined. After some time trying to arrange a meeting with Hadi, finally, we met for the first time in March 2012. I asked him many questions about overlanding. He suggested that I enrol for a riding class first, and later buy a Yamaha FZ150 motorbike. The meeting ended for 4 hours, instead of an hour. Not very long after that, I bought the motorbike, and I named him DREAM. Why DREAM? Bcos, I am going to fulfill my dream with him. Frankly speaking, I don’t know how to ride a normal motorbike, what more a bike with clutch. After taking DREAM back home with help from my son’s friend, I started to learn to ride a motorbike (DREAM). 

From the moment I bought DREAM, I hv been keeping in touch with Hadi, and he motivated me to try overlanding under his guidance. After thinking about it seriously, I accepted his offer. I wanted to become an overlander. I wanted to be like him. The fantastic overland stories of these two great Malay guys (Zahariz & Hadi) and my own dream were the reasons why I'm taking this challenge, even though I am far from being a skilful rider and my riding experience was only 43 days (when I started my Indochina ride). I am going to mark an entirely a new episode in my life. Nothing can stop me now.


  1. Thank you for inspiring me sis..wld love to meet u someday

  2. Yr welcome Izan...inshaallah...As how Zahariz and Hadi had inspired me...I will be happy if my stories can inspire others...

  3. I think u shud tell us how bad 'lekcer n tocer' u got from ur sifu... Tell us how bengang u are to ur sifu and tell us what have u been finally... Witout his maki hamun, i think u wont here. Standing as a SUPERWOMEN!!

  4. HAHAHA....tak payah ler...biarlah jd kenang2an dlm hidup aku....mmg pun aku sgt berterima kasih sbb dia train aku dgn cara yg keras dan kasar....sbb kat sana tu lagi teruk aku kena tempuh, sorang2 diri lagi...



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