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Friday, 4 January 2013



I regard today’s ride as the most scenic and enjoyable ride that I had ever since I started my Trans Borneo ride. It was pretty foggy in the morning as I left the small cowboy town of Telupid, heading to Ranau. The rain had finally stopped. As mentioned before, Telupid – Ranau was the worst leg of journey that I need to encounter. Even though the condition was bad, it offered nice view of Telupid River which ran parallel with the road. I rode slowly passing the landslides and stopping at few places for pics. I had my brunch at Ranau, and hv been considering to call Abg Tan, but I dont want to disturb him, so I let off the idea. 

After filling DREAM, I continued on to Tambunan, passing the heavenly view of the mountain. It was very green. I passed lots of bridges with rapid river. The road was winding a bit, but not very steep. It was deserted almost all the way. There were some places with pot holes but not so bad. I also saw a beautiful terrace rice field which looked like a green carpet. There were cows lazing on the road, which reminds me of Laos (minus the kerbau pendek). Riding here brought back lots of memories when I rode with my sifu, Hadi Hussein in Laos. I took so long to reach Tambunan even though the distance was not far bcos I stopped almost every 200 meters for pics. Now I realized how beautiful Sabah is. I should have come here a long long time ago. 

Lots of sign post like this along the way

Land slides

I took my own sweet time to enjoy the view and smelled the fresh air. I love taking pics and shooting videos here. Sooo beautiful. I recalled that many ppl asked me why I prefer to ride solo? This was amongst the reason. I am not bound to anyone. If I ride with other people, they might not like the idea of stopping many times for pics as to them, the view along the journey is more or less the same. However, my eyes saw each and every bend, valley, river, mountain, crevasse etc differently. Many times, I hv been invited to join a ride, or being asked to lead one, but I refused politely. Guys especially, would like to stop for cigarette or fruit tasting, but I stop for views. By riding solo, I can stop and I can go as I liked. I wait for no one, and no one waits for me. Borrowing my sister, Are Nim’s words, “its just me....and my bike...”...... “and the view” (the last words were mine....LOL)

"Its just me....and my bike...."
"....and the view...."

Finally I reached Tambunan, and after fuelling DREAM (I fuel up everytime the meter showed half tank as petrol pump here were not as merrier as in the Peninsular), I continued to Keningau.
"Relord"? LOL...a funny msg at the pump station
The road condition to Keningau was similar as from Ranau to Tambunan but less climbing. I was served with the view of green paddy fields on the right and left side of the road. Ohhh....did I say that I love paddy fields?

I received another sms from a Keningau biker (hv no idea how he got my number), asking me to go to Petronas next to KFC and gv him a call when I arrived. When I called him and when he arrived, I was surprised to see that he was a Chinese guy. I thought he was a Malay. His name is Seow, and he’s tall and handsome. He brought me to his lepak place. I had lunch (thanks bro for belanja me), and later his friend, an Indian guy, also a biker, arrived. This Indian guy happened to be a lecturer teaching at Keningau IPG. What a co-incidence!!! 
With Vijay and Bro Seow
I cant stay long as my ride does not end at Keningau today. Bro Seow and a lady biker, Misha, took me to the Crocker Range. The road here was similar to our Genting Highlands. We were ascending higher and higher, and some time descending. There was one part where construction was going on so we have to ride on gravels while descending a very steep road for about 200 meters. This part was quite scary. The temperature dropped and I started to feel cold. I saw a sign board saying “Zon Kabus” (Fog Zone) which meant that the road ahead will be foggy. However, I hv no idea that the fog will be so thick up to white-out situation. We stopped at the highest point of Crocker Range for a while but couldnt see a thing bcos of the fog. It gets very chilly up there too.

Me and Misha

We continued on, this time descending steep road in thick fog. Seriously, I must admit that I do feel scared bcos I couldnt see a thing, except the yellow middle line. I cant even see bro Seow’s bike even though I know he’s less than 10 meters in front of me. Imagine....its like u are riding into the unknown...a different world. Thank god that we finally exited the Fog Zone and stop at a view point for more pics. 

I really love this pic

I said goodbye and thanks to my Keningau friends. Hope to meet both of u again someday. I continued my ride to Kimanis and Beaufort. Traffic gets heavy nearing to Beaufort. I didnt make any research on accomodation in Beaufort, so when I reached the town, I rode around to find a place to stay. The first hotel that I asked was full house, and so were the 2nd and 3rd. To my horror, I found out that almost all available accommodation in Beaufort were fully booked as there were old folks for the entire of Sabah gathering there. I hv thought that I might spend the night in a mosque or police station, but someone told me to try my luck at Rumah Tumpangan Wing Foh. Fortunately they hv one last room available. Pheww...Rumah tumpangan pun rumah tumpangan laa....Seriously, I am not fussy at all. When travelling, I can sleep anywhere - be it at the airport, bus station, ferry terminal, mosque....anywhere as long as its safe. Since the place didnt hv a secure parking for DREAM, I hv to figure out a way where to park him. In the end, I asked permission to park DREAM at a local's house who stayed opposite the lodge.


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')