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Wednesday, 2 January 2013



After performing subuh prayer, I continued sleeping to cover my sleep debts as much as I can. However, my door was knocked by the staff, asking when am I going to check out as the boat will depart at 10.30am. I was confused as yesterday, they told me that there were 2 departures and I can choose to take the morning or the 3pm boat to Semporna. I thought the package allows me to stay until 3pm, but unfortunately I must check out from the room in the morning, and I am free to do whatever I like until 3pm. Urghhh!!! So, I hurriedly packed my things, had a quick breakfast and crossed to Semporna by the 10.30am boat. The weather was fine and it took about 45mins to reach the main land (unlike yesterday, it took more than 1 hour). I walked to the police station to pick up DREAM, and as I was about to leave, someone from Tawau Bikers Club greeted me. We chatted for a while. Before leaving Semporna, I took the opportunity to take pics at some landmarks. 

It was already 12pm when I rode to Kunak via route SA51 (this time). The road was very good and deserted. The good weather makes it a breeze to ride in this condition. The view was nice too.

However, not far after Kunak, as I was ascending the winding and hilly road, the rain started to fall heavily. There was no suitable place for me to stop my bike to wear my rain coat (as there was no reserved lane here). I was 75% wet when I finally put on my rain coat. I have to ride slowly as the road condition to Kinabatangan was bad. There were few times that I cant help screaming when I almost loose control of my bike. This was due to failure to avoid big holes (I cant see the holes as the whole area already flooded with rain water). The road was also very slippery and dangerous. I stopped for lunch at Lahad Datu and had DREAM refuel. The girl at the petrol station sternly insisted that I get down from my bike when she’s filling DREAM. When I asked her why, she pointed to a sign saying “JANGAN DUDUK DI ATAS MOTORSIKAL SEMASA MENGISI MINYAK” (“DO NOT SIT ON YR MOTORBIKE WHEN FILLING PETROL”). Hahaha... 

The rain continued on and off as I rode on. I was totally cold and wet and hv to change to my 3rd pair of gloves. There were times that there were many lorries that I need to overtake. The rain, the uneven road and the pot holes didnt help at all. I hate it when I hv no choice but to trail behind a lorry. I hate the turbulence and whats more, the water sprinkled by tyre of the lorries towards me which blurred my visor. I wanted to overtake, but the condition was not safe. When I finally had the chance to overtake, I will be showered with water from the lorry’s tyres. URGHHH!!! It was very boring to ride like this, but I told myself, “Its yr choice, Anita, so enjoy it”. LOL... 

In the beginning, I had targetted to overnight in Ranau, but riding in this condition? Hmmm....its not possible, as it was already 5pm when I reached Telupid. Based on my previous ride, it’s going to take 1 hr 40mins to reach Ranau, and I was riding in a fine weather then. Judging from my current weather condition, this time definitely I will need longer time. It will gets dark around 6.30pm and the road condition for this leg of the journey is the worst. I hv to make a decision. In the end, I made up my mind to stay here, and I think, its a wise decision. However, Telupid is in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing here except a small cowboy town. Since there was still daylight, I wandered around to find a nice place to stay. I asked a local, and he told me to go to Telupd Forestry Rest Hse. I found it, and yes, the location was nice and beautiful with lakes and greens. However, the rate was not in my budget. So, I rode back to the small town and after circling the centre, I found a cheap place to stay – Telupid Lodge. As usual, an unoccupied dorm will be my choice. Theres no wifi or internet cafe here, but I can parked DREAM without worries at the corridor. That night I had bakso for dinner at a restaurant, under suspicious eyes of some locals and flirtatious eyes of one guy. Huhhh.....menyampah!!! Gatal!!! Aku buat tak tau jaa...


  1. Wahh

    mengembara sakan...tentu best dpt pengalaman yang baru. Baru lagi tengok Destinasi Air Asia tentang Mabul...cantik kan

  2. Memang best AndaQue...especially travel @ ride solo ni mmg mencabar & menguji kekuatan diri...Mabul memang cantik, but honestly, saya lebih tertarik dgn pulau2 di Thailand...nak pergi pun tak la jauh & hotel pun jauh lebih murah di sana berbanding pulau2 di Malaysia ni...



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