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Tuesday, 1 January 2013



I woke up feeling dizzy as I slept late last night, updating my blog with my previous Ko Lanta ride. I hurriedly had shower, packed my things, grabbed a quick breakfast (complimentary from the hostel) and get DREAM which I parked at a secured place (in front of a 3 star hotel nearby). Farid and Faizal arrived, and we rode together to their office at Sandakan Marine to meet the other guys who hv promised to escort me to Sepilok. I took the chance to wash DREAM as he was very dirty. Then, all 6 scooters and 1 FZ rode to Sandakan view point, Agnes Keith House and Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. I was informed that the orang utans will only come out from their hiding place during meal time and unfortunately we arrived early, way before the orang utans being feed. Well, a good reason for me to come here again nx time. 

At the Sandakan Marine Jetty

I bided goodbye to all my Sandakan friends and continued my ride. The road to Kinabatangan was quite bad like the one from Poring to Telupid. Lots of potholes and uneven road. 

I took the wrong way when I arrived Lahad Datu and had to turn back. There was a road block and I was surprised that the police traffic knew me. He said, “you are the female solo rider from Semenanjung, arent u?” LOL, I am getting famous. 

The road from Lahad Datu to Kunak improved and there was beautiful view of oil palm plantation on the hilly landscapes. Traffic was not heavy and I was riding at ease. I stopped for a short rest by the road side in Kunak only to notice that I received couple of sms from Tawau bikers, saying that they are expecting me. In the beginning, I hv no idea how did they got my phone number, but later I found out that it was Shidee Serigala, a biker friend of mine who passed my number to them. From Kunak to the intersection to Tawau, I had to face quite a number of lorries and as usual, a long line of vehicles behind them that I need to overtake. 

Once I reached the check point, I was very thrilled to see at least 10 superbikes already waiting for me. I am so lost of words. One of them, Malinda, the only lady biker on her Versys, greeted me. She was the one sms me previously. All of us rode together with Malinda leading the way. Wow....she was sooo awesome rider, standing on her bike while riding, checking on the road to make sure its safe, and once it’s safe, she will signalled the rest to overtake. When the road was clear, she will sway her bike and zig-zagging it on the road. It was so nice to watch her having full control of her bike. We rode for about 20kms on the narrow road before finally reaching the suburb of Tawau when the road broaden to dual lanes for another 20kms. The bikers took me to a kopitiam where some other bikers had already waiting for us. I get to know Sharmila, Tini and some others. We had lunch (at 3.30pm....LOL...sorry to make u guys wait so long for me at the check point). We chatted and get to know one another....and as usual the same questions being asked – How do I shipped my bike? How much does it cost me? Am I not scared riding solo? They told me that they are going to ride in Semenanjung very soon. 
Fr left: Malinda, me, Tini and Sharmila

With Tawau bikers
At 5pm, Malinda, Jenal and Tola send me to Susan’s house, my university friend who I havent met for 10 years. How we have hugged each other and chatting non stop trying to cover for the 10 years stories. Late afternoon, I washed DREAM again, this time with lots of love and care :) 

I received a call from Tola around 7.30pm, saying that he wants to take me and Susan out for dinner. So, off we go with Susan’s car to the steamboat + grilled seafood restaurant (I forgot the name). The seafood there was so fresh and u can eat as much as u can. I have had a sumptous seafood dinner that night that I felt so full like a python. Thank you very much Tola for the treat. 

With Tola & Susan
That night, I rode DREAM around Tawau as I am leaving very early tomorrow morning towards Semporna. I had him fuel up and checked the tyre pressure at nearby Petronas.

Hmmm...where's next?

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