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Thursday, 17 January 2013



After subuh prayer, I continued sleeping until 10am. I had my complimentary breakfast and asked the friendly receptionist on how to go to the attractions. They suggested me to take the motorbike-taxi as its cheap, and since the traffic jam in Pontianak was bad. After negotiating the price, I agreed, and off the driver and me go to the 1st attraction – the Equator Monument. It was while riding the bike as a pillion that I noticed how dirty this city was. Rubbish can be seen every where, and it stink terribly. The pot holes were filled with muddy water and it splashed whenever a vehicle ran thorugh it. The driver suggested that I try taking the ferry to cross Kapuas River. 

Waiting for the ferry

It was a mere 5 minutes ferry ride, and after another 10 minutes ride on the road, we arrived at the monument. This monument was one among 14 similar monuments in the whole world. There was a museum with infos about the Equator. I met some Malaysian students from Kelantan, and we chatted for a while. Then I go to the 0 degrees spot which was still under construction. I asked permission to enter the site. It felt kinda cool to be able to step on the Equator line, exactly on the 0 degrees spot. 

Monument inside the museum
Monument outside the museum

I'm standing on the exact 0 degrees spot
Later, we went to Keraton Qhadriyah which have a Jame Mosque and a palace. Sultan from the old days used to live here. The distance was not far, but it took quite long for us to reach as the traffic was bad. 

Before returning to the hotel, I asked the driver to stop at Bang Yus, the only fixed price souvenir shop in Pontianak, for me to do a little shopping. There was actually another better place with plenty of souvenir shops, named PSP Complex, however I have to bargain the price. I am not so keen to bargain after what had happened yesterday. Infact, I tried to reduce conversation (something which I hate to do, as I like to mix with the locals whenever I travelled), and when they asked me where I’m from, I have to tell them that I am a Singaporean, or from Brunei. 

Notice the sign on the bridge roof? Its FZ, but Indon version
PSP Complex
In the afternoon, I went to Ramayana Mall and after that to Kapuas River again, this time for a private boat ride. 

I have read in the internet, saying that a boat ride here during late afternoon (6pm) is a must as one can witness interesting locals daily lives who lived by the river banks. The river was very big which allowed ships to sail on it. However it was heavily polluted. All sorts of rubbish can be seen floating in the water. I did witness some locals throwing their garbages into the river without feeling a sense of guilt at all. Even though polluted, I saw kids playing and swimming in it. I also saw locals bathing using the water from the river. Their house conditions was bad, and my heart goes for them. Sigh...


Port of Pontianak

Locals bathing
Jame Mosque seen from the river

Another Equator Monument at Alun-Alun Kapuas

As I am leaving early tomorrow morning, I had DREAM refuel at Pertamina station.

Motorbikes have to cue to have the tank refuel
Rp4500 p/l = RM1.50, cheaper than in Malaysia
I saw DREAM's twin brother


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')