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Thursday, 17 January 2013



I woke up really early, and after filling my stomach fully with instant noodles, I checked out from the hotel. I hv had DREAM refuel yesterday at a petrol station near the hotel (I rode him without the back plate number), so by 4am today, I started my ride exiting Pontianak, heading to the border. Reason for the early start was to avoid from getting verbal harrassment. I was not worried of riding alone in the dark at such an early hour, as I knew that it will be bright enough by the time I reached the bad damaged road. It was the hate sentiment from the locals which concerned me most. However, there were few times that I cant help screaming when I almost loose control of DREAM when I accidentally ran on a hole. There was no street light, so the only light to lighten the road came solely from my bike. The road was deserted. It was only once in a while that I met a lorry or an express bus. This makes my journey faster and since I didnt stop at all along the way, I managed to reach the border around 9am. I felt so relieved when I finally enter my own country. There were many people at the border, and after the normal procedures, I continued my ride heading to Kuching. 

The ladies selling durian caught my attention
It was about 50kms from Tebedu to Serian, and another 60kms to reach Kuching. The highway into Kuching was a nice dual lane road. I arrived Kuching and checked in at Beds GH. The GH cum hostel was so nice and the staff were so friendly that I began to feel at home in no time at all. The GH had a cosy lobby and a nice fully equipped kitchen. The best thing was they offered self service tea, coffee, bread with spread or jam, instant noodle and even raw eggs for free – 24hrs a day. All u need to do is to help yrself in the kitchen. They also have a communal washing machine with no charge, and all the rooms were air conditioned. The rate for a bed in a 6 bedded dorm is only RM18 (Nov, 2012). Tell me, where on earth can u find a bed with food (bread/ instant noodles/ egg) around the clock for only RM18? Even though its cheap, I opted for a single room which cost me a bit more as I have many baggage with me (once I send DREAM to the airport).
After resting for a while, I rode around town for pics at some landmarks. Then, I send DREAM to a car wash as he’s so very dirty. It was the 3rd car wash who was willing to wash him. I really dont understand why the refusal of the other two. 

I love u soooo much!!!

TQ darling for being such a good boy

After 17 days on the road...


China Town, Kuching

After that, I continued to MasKargo Kuching. Just when DREAM was clean and sparkling after the wash, it rained again. URGHHHH!!! Upon arrival at MasKargo Kuching, I settled the shipment process and make the payment. I was asked to remove the panniers as this cargo fleet was small. 

I have to return to Kuching via public transportation. I took the opportunity to ride the perahu tambang and crossed the river to the village, heading to Dayang Salhah layer cake shop. There are many similar shops, but hers was my favourite. However, the price had increased since the last time I’m here. I also purchased the famous Sarawak salted fish to take home. 

Teh C Special, my fav drink in Borneo

The night was spent chatting with the GH’s staff - Imo, Adrian and another guy (forgot his name). I was slightly worried about my panniers weight, as I only purchased 20kg checked baggage. Imo handed me a weigh scale. I was surprised to see that the weigh scale measured all 3 panniers to almost 40kgs. The panniers didnt feel very heavy when I carried them. However, to avoid having to pay more at the airport, I upgraded my baggage to 40kgs. I hv to pay additional RM80 for the top-up.


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')