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Saturday, 5 January 2013



After thanking the nice lady for letting me parked DREAM at her porch last night, I started my ride, but before leaving Beaufort, I took some pics first. I hv spotted the intersection to Menumbok yesterday before entering Beaufort town so I dont hv to search for it.  

The weather was very good. The sun was shining and the sky was very blue. I rode on the deserted road heading south. The distance was only 60kms and by 45 mins I reached Menumbok – the ferry point to cross to Labuan. 

I was early so I dont hv to rush. The ferry to Labuan departed at 10.30am and the fare for motorbike was RM15. I hv to fill up some forms and pay additional RM2 for jetty fee at a counter inside the building.

When being signalled by the ferry staff, I rode DREAM inside the ferry. The name was Wawasan Ferry, and this was the ferry which was on fire last few months and today the ferry started operating. I went up the 2nd level but there was no seat available. Funny. I found out later that this was due to the fire recently and new seats havent being installed yet. I was greeted by a guy inside the ferry. It seemed that my ride here in Borneo had alerted many bikers through notifications in FB.

Inside the ferry

The ferry ride was 2 hours and upon reaching Labuan, I parked my bike and searched for the ticket counter to Muara (Brunei). I wanted to buy the ticket in advance, however the counter was closed. My long lost secondary school friend, Noor Faridah waited for me at a bank nearby the jetty. We hugged for a long time. It was wonderful to meet her again after so long. The last time we met was when I was pregnant with my eldest son, Rudy...and Rudy is now going to be 24 years old.

Farid (as I called her) drove her car around Labuan. I trailed behind with my bike. Labuan is a small island. We went around and stopped at the lovely Sg. Pagar Beach for lunch and a long chat. Before that, I went to Universiti Malaysia Sabah Labuan branch, just to take a look at the campus. The students were surprised to see me. LOL.

Sg. Pagar Beach

After lunch, we continued sightseeing along the coastal road. I saw a big gathering of FZ bikes at one of the beaches. If I am riding alone, I would hv stop to say ‘Hi’. We went to Chimney Museum and the square for pics, and then back to the jetty.

Fuel for foreigner in Brunei is expensive, so must fill up in Labuan before leaving the island

Change money to Brunei Dollar...conversion is B1 = MYR2.40

The ferry fare for Labuan – Muara was RM70. The journey was also 2 hours, but the fare was expensive due to the currency conversion. I hv to wait quite long for customs checking before I can finally ride DREAM inside the ferry. I hugged Farid one more last time and thanked her for her hospitality. I hv no idea when we can meet again. 

The Hope shuttle ferry to Muara departed at 4pm and was very comfortable. I tried to sleep as I was tired, but it was difficult since I hv lots of things in my mind. I received sms from Bro Salim (a biker from Brunei) saying that he is expecting me. At 6pm, the ferry docked at Muara jetty. WELCOME TO BRUNEI DARUSSALAM.

Brunei was country number 47 for me. The moment I rode DREAM out of the ferry, I was met by the members of Kelab Motosikal Kekal Daerah-Tutong. Man bikers and lady bikers alike, a total of more than 10 ppl with their really HUGE machines, lining at the jetty to welcome me. Honestly, I felt sooo small when comparing my bike to theirs. However, the brotherhood and the sisterhood spirit that they showed to me were beyond imaginations. I knew none of them before....never being FB friends to any of them and I rode such a small cc bike, but to them, there was no discrimination. I am really lost of words. I almost cried when the ladies hugged me one by one and congratulating me for making it this far...

After settling with passport control and customs (I dont hv to cue as one of the bikers knew the staff and I am done within 5 minutes), the convoy rode to Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital city of Brunei. It was already dark then and surprisingly, the road condition from the jetty, until about 10kms ahead was not very good. Upon entering the city, the road turned out to be very comfortable and wide with 4 lanes (if I am not mistaken). Bro Salim who had been contacting me ever since I was in Ranau (thanks to Bro Azmi for yr msg to Bro Salim about my ride in Borneo) had helped me to book accommodation at the Youth Hostel (the hostel didnt hv online booking and they didnt respond to my email). This hostel is the cheapest u can find in town. A cheap room at a guest house in BSB will cost u B50 (about RM120). However, a bed at the Youth Hostel is only B10. The convoy took me to the Youth Hostel for check in. We hv to wait almost 1 hour for the staff to arrive. My dorm (an unoccupied one, as always) was very clean, cosy and nice. It was like a 3 star hostel.

They waited for me to settle with my check in at he hostel

???, myself & Sicom

With Roziani, Ruby and ??? (sorry I forgot yr name)

After checking in, we went to the bikers place for dinner. Bro G’me, asked me to try Teh C Special (special tea) Brunei version, and yes, the taste was really good.

I took the opportunity to chat and get to know the other lady bikers from the group while having dinner. They were really nice and friendly.

After dinner, I was taken to the famous mosque in Brunei, the Sultan’s palace and another mosque. Sis Serina and Bro Salim took the troubles in negotiating with the guard to let me park my bike in front of the palace for pics. Thanks guys.

Bro Salim and me

Girls power...Serina, Bella, Ruby, me and Sii Puteh

Hasanul Bolkiah Jame Mosque (solely fr the Sultan's pocket to build this mosque)

Omar Ali Saifudden Mosque
The group wanted to take me to another hanging place near the river, but it was getting late and I was tired. Perhaps some other time. They send me back to the hostel. Thank you so much my friends for the nice hospitality. I will never forget yr kindness towards me. 

p/s: My sister Are Nim said that my blog posts were very long like an essay writting...LOL...nama pun lecturer used to writing long thesis :)


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')