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Thursday, 17 January 2013



While having breakfast, I received a call from MasKargo Kuching, informing me that they have to bring down DREAM’s handle as the wind shield was too high to pass through the fleet’s door. I have no choice but to agree. 

Having breakfast at Beds GH kitchen

Self cook macaroni bolognaise
At 12pm, Adrian send me to the airport. We chatted while on the way. He told me that when DREAM was parked outside the door, passers-by asked him who was the owner of the bike? When Adrian told them that the owner was a lady, and she was touring Borneo alone...they were shocked and started to make assumptions – Is she crazy? Is she having a midlife crisis? Is she running away from her husband? Is she taking a break after a divorce? OMG!!!! I laughed so loud upon hearing this. I am only touring Borneo, not the whole world. Once arrived at the airport, I said goodbye to Adrian. I am sure that I am going to miss u, Imo and the other one. The next time I’m in Kuching, no doubt I will definitely stay at Beds again. 

Honestly, I didnt feel like going home yet....  :(

When I checked in my baggage, to my disappointment, the total weight of all the panniers were only 18kgs. The weigh scale that I used yesterday night must be faulty. Haihh....rugi bayar extra RM80. The flight departed on time and by 4.15pm, I landed at the LCCT. My son, Rudy, fetched me at the airport and we headed to MasKargo complex to pick up DREAM. The picking up process was more troublesome compared to the time I’m shipping him out. Once I got DREAM, I had to fix the handle and side mirrors. Luckily, Zach, Rudy’s friend was with us, so he helped me a lot. When I thought that I am ready to go, DREAM cant be started. Then only I noticed that there was no fuel at all inside the tank. I hv asked the MasKargo Kuching staff to leave some oil, at least enough for me to ride to the nearest petrol pump about 2kms away. However, the tank was totally empty. I hv to exit the complex to buy fuel inside a bottle, and came back to refuel it. It was already 8pm when I finally leave and head to Rudy’s house in Sri Damansara. 

The next day, I rode DREAM back to home sweet home, and once arrived, this marked the end of my Trans Borneo Ride. 

I have had the best time of my life touring Borneo for the past 18 days. I wished to thank all the people who hv been assisting and entertaining me during my ride, especially Bro Azmi, Bro Tan, Bro Salim, Sarjan Rahim (for the sumptous seafood dinner), Farid, Faizal, Jenal, Mustola, Melinda, Sharmila, Sarina and many more. Yr kindness will be cherished in my heart forever n ever. Allah jua yg membalas budi baik kalian semua. 

Some stats for this ride: 
Most spectacular view: Ranau to Tambunan 
Most challenging ride: Overtaking never ending lorries, OTW to Sandakan, under the rain, and on a narrow and damaged road 
Most enjoyful ride: Ranau - Tambunan - Keningau - Crocker Range - Beaufort
Most relaxing ride: Bdr Seri Begawan - Tutong (Brunei) 
Most stressful ride: Entikong – Pontianak 
Most expensive place that I stayed: Probably Laban Rata (Mt Kinabalu)
Cheapest place that I stayed: Telupid Lodge (RM20...LOL) 
Most yummy food: Seafood in Kota Kinabalu, and Tawau...thanks guys 
Best road: Bandar Seri Begawan 
Worst road: Sosok – Tayan (Kalimantan) 
Most tolerable driver: Car drivers in Sabah 
Craziest driver: Pontianak 
Total bike fall: Zero 

Soooo...until next ride pal...and I assure u its not going to be long :) 


Band: NASTIA, Title: ANGGUR (taken from EP 'EKSPRESI')